The Best Winter Destinations for Some Fun in the Sun

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Winter is great up until the day after new years. Before that you have the changing colors of autumn, you have the novelty of sweaters and coziness and, of course, Christmas and all its fun flair. After new years, all you have is the cold, the darkness, and perhaps one or two broken new years’ resolutions. Rather than let these months slip you by, make the best of them by booking a sun-filled trip.

There are so many reasons booking a winter holiday is the way to go. Not only can you enjoy these destinations to their fullest, as the temperature won’t be so hostile and actually pleasant, you can also improve your health. Get that vitamin D, get some exercise, and shake off the cold chills of winter. All that is left is for you to do is to choose which beachside destination to visit.

1. Majorca 


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Majorca, sometimes spelt uo;Mallorca” is a destination island renowned for its beaches and limestone mountains. It is the epitome of an island getaway, and has all the resorts and beachside fun you could ever want. Not only does it have the beach, it also has both Roman and Moorish historical sites to keep all types of visitors entertained and enthralled. 

2. Dubai 


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Dubai is a city like no other. Where else could you find a man-made island, or the tallest tower in the world? Dubai is a modern masterpiece built for luxury at every turn. Well known for its stunning architecture and nightlife scene, this city is the perfect destination for any winter holiday. 

3. Morocco 


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Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in North Africa. Not only is a great destination to visit during winter, it is also a great destination to visit, period. Marrakesh, it’s most renowned city, is infamous for its stunning markets and entrancing colors and designs. When the country itself has so many cultural influences, of course it is going to be a wonder to behold. 

4. Cyprus


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Cyprus is an island country, meaning you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches. Not only can you really soak up the sun here, you can also enjoy mixture of Greek and Turkish influences that have shaped Cyprus into a truly unique and unforgettable location. 

5. Costa Del Sol 


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Costa Del Sol in the autonomous community of Andalusia in Spain is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can enjoy white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Enjoy a beach day, enjoy some water sports, and take a snap of these incredibly Instagrammable beaches to bring home with you.   

There are so many great places to travel in the world, and if you are a fan of beaches you are spoiled for choice. Try to visit during the off-season so that you can really enjoy each destination to its fullest. The water won’t be as warm, but the beaches will be less crowded, the towns easier and more enjoyable to explore, the prices will be cheaper. Enjoy some fun in the sun in winter, and you and your health will thank you.