Big Boss Fans Can Stay In Big Boss House

By Renuka Shahane on Jan 08, 2019
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A group of people living in a house. Finding their way to be cordial to each other. Doing mundane chores. Playing silly games. Who would have imagined that this non-appealing activity could become a phenomenon? But it did!
When group of celebrities from different fields were literally put in a house arrest with absolutely no contact to the outer world and were filmed 24/7, the nation was interested! Yes, it’s Bigg Boss that we are talking about!

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The show took over the television 11 years ago, and has managed to maintain its popularity for 10 whole seasons! And if you are a Bigg Boss fan, here’s something that will make you jump up in your seat!
Now you can stay in the Bigg Boss house!
The Bigg Boss house is now open for groups to stay in Now you can book the Bigg Boss house for your group of friends, family or even for a team outing. The house is available for a group of 10 to 20 people (above 16 years of age), with 2000 INR per person per night on weekdays. The weekend rates are 3000 INR per person. 

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The house is kept intact just like you saw in the show, with its dorm rooms, huge gym and open area and a kitchen. Thankfully, you don’t have to cook and clean the house like the contestants of Bigg Boss did! You will be provided with set meals ensuring you are happy and hearty on your vacation in the Bigg Boss house! 
You can choose the Bigg Boss house for your family outing, a reunion with friends or just for a weekend getaway. 
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There are some special programs organised in the house, especially for corporate groups just like the show, and these will act as a stressbuster as well as a teambuilder activity for the ‘housemates’.
Best part- You can record your stay in the show by paying some extra cost and take home the memories of your stay. Of course, it won’t be as controversial as the show itself, but quite interesting for sure!
There won’t be Sallu Bhai though, Alas.
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Bookings can be done on 'Book My Show' website. 
So, when are you walking in?
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