Top 10 Biggest Malls in the World

By Ketki Hanamshet on Aug 07, 2018
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Shopping Malls are no more constrained to just being a shopping center. They are slowly gaining popularity as a single destination of recreation. Along with several retail stores, these malls also feature sports arena, food court, indoor theme parks, cinema halls, and even a museum in certain cases. What started in the West for the convenience of buyers, has now become a commercial trend to attract more visitors. There is a competitive vibe in the air to build a larger mall in the world, with Asia leading the scoreboard. Here is a list of the biggest malls in the world that would make you feel as if you have stepped into a universe of their own. 

1. New South China Mall

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With about 660,000 square meters of leasable space, New South China Mall tops the list of the largest malls in the world. The mall opened in 2005 in the Dongguan city of China but faced high vacancy problems in its initial years. Since no merchant was ready to occupy the space for a really long time, it was also called as a uo;dead mall”. After undergoing major renovation and remodeling, the New South China Mall started attracting tenants and now houses a theme park and multi-theater like Imax.

2. Golden Resources Mall

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Golden Resources Mall, located in Beijing, China, stands second amongst the biggest malls in the world. Opened in 2004, this mall has a total retail floor area of 557,419 square meters. The 6-storey mall has more than 1000 stores and surveys. Before New South China Mall got built in 2005, the Golden Resources Mall stayed the world’s largest shopping mall from 2004-2005.

3. SM City North EDSA

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With 498,000 square meter of gross leasable area, SM City North EDSA boasts to be the largest shopping malls in Philippines. It is located in the Quezon City and was first built way back in 1985. It went under major expansion, starting from 2006, and then turned into a major shopping plaza and complex. The complex includes the City Center, The Block, The Annex, Interior Zone, Car Park Plaza, and North Link. The Sky Garden, Grass residences, and Fern Residences are a few other features of the complex.

4. 1 Utama

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1 Utama is a one-stop shopping destination for the Malaysians living in Petaling Jaya city. This mega-mall has a total retail floor area of 465,000 square meter. There are more than 700 shops in the mall, ranging right from fashion stores, bookstores, to shops selling homemade appliances. Other features of the mall include two multiplexes, largest rooftop garden in Southeast Asia, a 36-lane bowling arena, a spaceship-themed kids' play land, an arcade center, and two karaoke centers.

5. Fars Shopping Complex

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Popularly known as Persian Gulf Complex, the Fars Shopping Mall is the largest mall in Iran. It is located in the Shiraz city and has the title of being the biggest mall with respect to the number of stores. It has about 2,500 stores and the total retail space area is 450,000 square meters. The mall features a 262 rooms hotel called the Burj Fars International, an indoor amusement park, a bowling alley, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, convention center, a helipad, tennis court, and a 3-storey billiard hall.  

6. CentralWorld

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Located in Bangkok, CentralWorld is the largest shopping mall in all of Thailand. Spanning 7 floors of 4,623,000 square meters, the mall houses about 495 stores and services. A few of the prime tenants at CentralWorld include H&M, Uniqlo, SuperSports, Central Food Hall, and Toy R Us. There is also a skating rink inside the mall which poses as the best recreational activity center here. The mall had suffered severe damage during a 2010 fire but was soon renovated to keep attracting more visitors. 

7. Isfahan City Center

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Isfahan City Center was opened in November 2012 and is located in the Isfahan city of Iran. Besides being the largest mall in Iran, it also ranks high amongst the malls housing a museum. It has a gross lease area of 4,521,000 square meters. This large shopping complex is home to a multiplex theater sporting 7 screens, an indoor theme park with a roller coaster and bumper cars, more than 750 stores, a hypermarket, a museum, airline offices, a fair complex, an international financial center (IFC), and a World trade center (WTC).

8. Istanbul Cevahir Mall

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With a total retail floor area of 420,000 square meter, Istanbul Cevahir was the largest mall in all of Europe between 2005 to 2011. This modern shopping mall, also known as Şişli Culture and Trade Centre, is located in the Şişli district of Istanbul in Turkey. This mall is an ideal recreation center since it has 343 shops, 48 restaurants, 12 cinema halls, 1 roller coaster, a theater stage, and a bowling hall under one roof. One of the prime features of the mall is the second biggest clock in the world, perched on the mall’s glass roof.   

9. SM Megamall

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SM Megamall is located in the Mandaluyong city and is the second largest mall in Philippines. This mega mall is a complex of two main buildings, an atrium which brides these buildings, a building C, and a mega fashion hall. There are about 500 shops housed in the mall that include around 280 dining outlets. There is also an office tower here called The Mega Tower which stands tall at 50 floors.  

10. Dubai Mall

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There are a few other malls larger than the Dubai Mall, but it would be unjust not to mention the Dubai Mall in this list. One of the prime attractions in Dubai, this mall is a part of the Burj Khalifa complex. It has more than 1,200 retail stores and a few other features include Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, SEGA Republic - an indoor theme park, and the rainforest cafe. The mall is known to attract more than 750,000 visitors every week. 

With shopping malls emerging at every other corner of the world, it won’t be a surprise if these biggest malls in the world get surpassed by the newly built ones. Until then, why not visit these to admire their grandeur?!

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