Bizarre Souvenirs To Buy From Across The World

By Niyati Shinde on Feb 01, 2019
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Are you bored of taking back fridge magnets and t-shirts as souvenirs?  Do you have a drawer full of postcards you received as mementos from your friends who backpacked across the globe? Are you running out of places to display the miniature statues and art pieces you purchased on your various trips to exotic lands? Bored of going through old photos to keep the travel memories alive? Here are a few bizarre souvenirs you can buy to make your trip a memorable one!

1.Scorpion Lollipops, Arizona:

PC: Ewen Roberts/

These succulent souvenirs can be found in Arizona. Having no harmful effects, these lollipops are safe to consume. Be a daredevil.. will you?!

2.Mr. Perfect, USA:

If you are single, Mr. Perfect is the guy for you! Mostly found in department stores across USA, Mr. Perfect always says the right things! Exhibit a- ‘Good Morning! I've made you breakfast in bed...again!’

3.Kangaroo Bottle Opener, Australia:


As a result of sanctioned harvesting, you’ll find kangaroo meat, leather, and yes, even bottle openers in Australia. The most popular bottle openers are made out of kangaroo feet or scrotum!

4.Snake Liquor, Vietnam:

PC: Jorge Láscar/

As bizarre as it can be! I rest my case!

5.Elephant Dung Coffee, Thailand:

PC: shankar s./

Considered a delicacy, when coffee beans are digested and then excreted by a Thai elephant, it produces a rather smooth cup of coffee.

6.Voodoo Items, Haiti and New Orleans:

PC: Wikimedia Commons

The taboo and black magic associated with voodoo makes these souvenirs completely unique and bizarre.

7.Biblical Harp, Israel:


A bit expensive, these beautiful biblical harps are crafted and designed based on the harp that King David played for the ailing King Saul.

8.Alligator Heads, Georgia:

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Take back an alligator head from a place which is known for its alligator filled swamps! You might get detained at the airport for this though!

9.Weed Boxers, Amsterdam:


Where else can you find weed boxers than the place where weed is legal?! No, the boxers don’t contain actual weed, they just have weed patterns on them.

10.3 Dollar Bill, Cook Islands:

There’s a running joke that there are more 3 Dollar bills outside Cook Island than on it! This beautiful bill is so unique that people don’t feel like spending it!

11.Crown Jewels Condoms, London:

In the mood for some love making?! These royal-family themed contraceptives cost 8 pounds per box.

12.Deep Sea Water, Hawaii:

It is said that the water found at 3,000 feet below the ocean's surface is exceptionally pure, free of pollutants and is rich in nutrients. The MaHaLo water is sold is many cities in Hawaii.

13.Green Tea Kit Kat, Japan:

PC: Bodo/

Leave it up to the Japanese to mix healthy and junk food and create a delicious healthy chocolate!

14.Sexy Lederhosen Apron, Germany:

#FoodPorn never looked this sexy!

15.Stuffed Cane Toads, Australia:

Stuffed cane toads can be found in many curio shops in Australia. Taking the fad further, they now have toad purses on sale as well!  

16.Tuttuki Bako, Japan:

.PC: Christian Kadluba/

A fun and completely addictive game, you have to take back the Tuttuki Bako from Japan!

17.Bezour, India:

The Bezour stone is thought to posses healing properties. A coveted stone in India and the Middle East, did you know that the stones are extracted from the stomachs and gall bladders of goats, porcupines and camels?!

18.Swedish Air:

Air of Sweden in a can! Need I say more?!

19.Possum Wool, New Zealand:

PC: storebukkebruse/

With so many possums running around in New Zealand, possum wool has become a mainstream and common fabric in the country.

Which souvenirs are you taking back home with you?!

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