10 Ridiculous Bans From Across The World

By Reshma Dewda on Nov 12, 2018
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Its amazing to what extent some governments would go to control their citizens! We live in a crazy, lunatic world where people with power come up with deranged rules that make absolutely no sense.  Here is our list of the most bizarre bans around the world.

1. Valentines Day in Saudi Arabia

Apparently the government in Saudi Arabia wants to discourage unmarried couples from showing public displays of love. So dont go planning your valentines day in this country ; you might just end up behind bars!


Image Source: ikkepedia.org  

2.Riding Ugly Horses in Wilbur (USA)

Talk about discrimination! If the government finds you riding an ugly horse, you could be fined heavily. Spare these details with the poor horse!


Image Source: TheUglySweaterShop.com/Flickr  

3.Wearing Blue Jeans in North Korea

Yes, blue jeans are apparently a glaring symbol of Americanization. So next time you rip a denim to look cool, remind yourself that there are people in North Korea who are starving for a pair of jeans!


Image Source: 15minutenews.com  

4.Movies depicting time travel in China

If you're a director who wants to make it big in China, do remember this. The Chinese are quite iffy about time travel and demand that a serious thing like time travelling be treated with respect.  Incredible, isnt it?


Image Source: pixabay.com

5.Dying in House of Parliament UK

The British want to yield control over everything ; even dying! If youre visiting the House of Parliament and feel like you might die, step out immediately! Because the British government simply cannot allow you to die here. However, in the odd chance that you do, you will get a state funeral.


Image Source: Wikipedia.org  

6.Making Ugly Faces at Dogs in Oklahoma

You can make all the ugly faces you want at babies but making atrocious faces at dogs will simply not be tolerated in Oklahoma. If you have an ugly face from birth, just stay away from dogs altogether!


Image Source: Tony Alter/Flickr  

7. Baby Names in Denmark

Dont even dare to name your bundle of joy according to your own whims! The Danish government has pre-approved 24000 names and new parents are supposed to use only this list to pick out a name for their baby. A population of 5.6 million people share only 24,000 names- talk about epic confusion!


Image Source: pixabay.com  

8. Going Commando in Thailand

You heard that. You might be in a big hurry or might want to feel liberated, but the Thai government cannot allow you to go anywhere without underwear! The question that looms in the mind is who will check that?


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

9. Having sex with a tigress in Iran

If you finally manage to convince a tigress to have sex with you, please make sure that the animal is not in Iran! The government in Iran has explicitly denied the permission to have sex with a tigress in the country. Intercourse with your cuddly poodle? That might just be fine.


Image Source: hdwallpaperfun.com  

10. Baby Walkers in Canada

So you think your baby needs a walker to assist him in walking? The Canadian government knows better. In Canada, all kinds of walkers are banned because it is believed that walkers make the babies too dependent. Do it the traditional way we say!


Image Source: youtube.com