7 Chai Places In Pune That Are Completely ‘Chai-licious’!

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Chinese might have not succeeded in establishing all their agenda (see Aksai Chin) but there is one thing they definitely managed. They got tea to India and ironically people got more addicted to tea than Opium. Chai is like the solution to so many problems- in so many people’s lives. Early morning blues to simple headache, to being a stress buster and in India most importantly for fixing marriages.  Remember the famous, ‘isi liye mummy ne meri..tujhe chai pe bulaaya hai’? Next time you are in Pune and your sutta is feeling alone and Vada- Pav by itself is too spicy, then most of these places would offer you the perfect fix to it. Here is our list of 7 places in Pune that serve amazing tea:-

7. Anna at Koregaon Park

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Anna’s tapari at Koregaon Park has been around for ages. Tea in that little shot glass has been attracted many followers ever since the years of this stall’s inception. Koregaon Park has attracted localites as well as tourists who are often seen here whiffing around the hot steam of this small cup and smoking away to glory to get the perfect combination. It is also open late into the night various times of the day and this place is bustling with crowd rigince 4 in the morning.

Our rating for price- Really reasonable

Pair it up with- Hot Maggi in the evenings and Poha in the mornings.

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6. Trupti Tea Centre, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The regular tea here is literally to die for. But another thing to die for and aptly named is the- Mara Mari Chai. This tea is basically a special combination of two teas- one made with only milk and another one that has water. It is a big hit amongst students who need to beat the early morning blues to get to their early morning lectures.

Our rating for price- Fairly Reasonable

Pair it up with-Cream Roll and Hot Samosas

5. Cafe Goodluck

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cafe Goodluck is a one stop solution for food lovers and has been so for decades.  "The milk and water is boiled in separate vessels continuously. This way, the tea extracts mix well with water and the milk also gets condensed which gives both the teas their unique tastes," said Ghasem Yakshi, owner of the cafe. In this statement he is talking about the Irani Chai which is their specialty and is served in two forms here.

Our rating for price- Reasonable and totally worth the value!

Pair it up with- Bun-maska and lot of delicacies from Cafe Goodluck.

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4. Sunil Tea- Kamla Nehru Park

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

I know people have their spots for Bhel and Vada Pav and cream-rolls. Personally for me, Kamala Nehru Park is a one stop solution for all your cravings pertaining to local food. KNP has some amazing Bhel stalls, Vada-Pav stalls and ofcourse Sunil Tea which has been a top favourite with localites for tea since forever.

Our rating for price- Really reasonable

Pair it up with- Cream-rolls

3. The Chaai- FC Road, Viman Nagar

Image Source: Pixabay.com

A special place dedicated to tea, what else would a tea lover want? This place has a lovely menu for various types of teas. From Kulhad kaa chai to special green teas- this is the best place for exploring various kinds of tea. Also, people swear by the desi masala maggi here. This is basically the best option if you want to bond over chai and want a great ambience too!

Our rating for price- Expensive!

Pair it up with- Maggi and French fries along with cookies.

2. Special Amruta tulya located near Kunte Chauk, Lakshmi Road 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Amruta tulyas are spread across cities and mark a very important place on the cultural map of Pune. The teas at these Amruta Tulyas is amazing and people have for long been trying to replicate the taste of this simple chai but without any success. Special Amruta Tulya is a boon to all traders situated at Lakshmi Road who can completely not do without this tea to beat their daily stress.

Our rating for price- Very Reasonable.

Pair it up with- hot fresh snack

1. Jangli Maharaj Amrut tulya, Opp Sambhaji Park, JM Road

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Probably the most preferred of all the Amrut tulyas, this one is a special favourite with the working class of Pune who are found in plenty at this particular place. The regular kali chai as well the simple chai has helped people combat the stress of a hectic working schedule ever since its inception.

Our rating for price- Extensively Reasonable

Pair it up with- Idli, vada- sambhar, fresh patties

And hey, We give you more more for that love for Chai!

The one place that is almost always perfect for tea- Any Puneri’s house:

This one is definitely the best place to have tea. Some would make it with ginger, some would pair it up with elaichi and some would give you the local gavathi chai (its my favourite and somehow is a big hit with the guests too). Add up whatever tea it is with dal chini, elaichi, adrakh and tulsi to make your own personal brand of Masala Chai.

I can completely not do without tea and that is how I have over time connected with people who feel the same. Take this from a tea-lover as a special present and give us a list of your favourite places as a return gift.

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