10 Best Travel TV Shows Around The World

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Most of us want to leave our monotonous lives behind and explore the World while exploring ourselves too. Considering its not always feasible, these shows are the best way to make us feel good.Some of these shows make us believe that somewhere someone is living our dream and we should probably be fulfilling it right now, but for now just see the list that is sure to get your wanderlust up and going. Here is our list of such travel shows:

1. Long Way Round-For believers of Two is company..three is a crowd! 


WHY TO WATCH-20,000 miles, 19 time zones, 12 countries- all in 115 days! Also for the UNICEF awareness on the way!

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman crossed Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia on their bikes through Siberia, over to Alaska, through Canada, North America and finished in New York. The 10 episode series was a big hit back in 2004 and is still considered to be one of the best travel shows ever made.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH- See the main website for the video, photography as well as re-live through the blog

2. Departures- Because flight departures are too mainstream! 


WHY TO WATCH- To live your fantasies and get rid of the mundane monotony of life. For mesmerizing landscapes as well as to get enlightened about different cultures.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Two friends Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach along with Andre dupius(cameraman) leave their lives behind only to discover that the journey is more important than the destination. The main highlight of the show is relatability factor which you will see while personal relationships on the show evolve.  

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH-  Went on for two years and had 16 episodes. You can now procure the show online.

3. Parts Unknown- In Rome, do as the Romans do..their motto! 


WHY TO WATCH- Colombia, Peru, Morocco, Congo, Libya, Myanmar- untouched by civilization. Also, ANTHONY BOURDAIN- its all in the name.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Bourdain explores the world in this series too, he says, "eat and drink with people without fear and prejudice ... they open up to you in ways that somebody visiting who is driven by a story may not get."

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH- CNN official channel. Find out the schedule for season 7.

4. Long Way down For the love of road on the bike. 


WHY TO WATCH-Mc Gregor and Boorman get together again after Long way round.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT-The hosts of Long Way Round got together again in 2007 and have given us a 3 season series which still continues. It is about their journey  from John O'Groats, Scotland, through Western Europe, East and Southern Africa.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH-Buy Long way DVDS and check out the official video clips on their website.

5. Bizarre food with Andrew Zimmern- for the foodie in you


WHY TO WATCH- To satisfy the wanderlust visually as well as develop a new motivation to visit new places- the local food.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Andrew Zimmern- A well renowned chef as well as food writer goes and explores the weirdest food that every region has to offer.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH-Screened on travel channel. The 15th season just came out.

6. An Idiot Abroad- Who said Friends can only make life easier for you? 


WHY TO WATCH- For each introvert, who knows that life is fun because of friends but is more often than not the victim of pranks, this is like their own story come true.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Features the creators of Office, Gervais and Merchant surprising their friend, the close-minded and simple Karl Pilkington, with a trip around the world to visit the Seven Wonders.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH- It was an eight episode series and can be found online now.

7. Full Circle with Michael Palin-Any book any show with him..just keep yourself from falling in love with the guy.


WHY TO WATCH-MICHAEL PALIN, literally no other reason required.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Michael Palin’s year long journey undertaken in 1997 exploring Pacific Rim Nations. See him explore Hanoi, Philippines, Machu Pichu, Colombia and a lot of amazing places.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH-download the previous episodes and watch them online. Want to go full Circle like Michael Palin, but also want a little organization on your next trip to Hanoi? Check out this free trip planner.

8. Outlander- Take me to Scotland of 1743.


WHY TO WATCH-Time travel, virtually! Reliving fictional history with fragments of non-fiction.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- Story of Claire Randall, whose a married World War II nurse in 1945 and who finds herself transported back to Scotland of 1743, where she encounters the dashing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser and becomes embroiled in the Jacobite risings.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH- Broadcasted on starz. Check out the official website to keep in touch with the schedule.

9. Samantha Brown’s Asia- What goes behind being the largest continent in the World.


WHY TO WATCH-Samantha Brown, the woman’s name defines beautiful travelogues.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- It is about Samantha Brown’s Journey around Asia where she explores the lands and enlightens us about the culture in depth of the largest continent in the World.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH-Travel channel, check out their official website.

10. Madventures- Mad Adventures for the stomach.

WHY TO WATCH-If mainstream is too mainstream for you.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT- "Madventures" is purely for adults, can get a little disturbing for the underage. It is the brainchild of well acclaimed Finnish TV host Riku Rantala and compatriot Tunna Milonoff.  The pair, have two things to accompany them- cameras and backpacks. Motive-to explore the world's most obscure and off-the-beaten path destinations for tourists. Case in point- Yemen.

WHERE AND WHEN TO WATCH-Watch the episodes as well as videos on Madventures.tv. Also catch it on Nat-Geo. 

Well, here at Triphobo anything inspires us to travel. These TV shows are just another reason. Tell us about your favorite TV shows, or your reasons to travel- we would love to get more inspired.

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