16 Best Celebrity Houses To Rent Out on Airbnb!

Dancing with the stars is passe, swapping lives with them is old school- the newest trend on is to live where your favorite celebrities did, even if it is for a night! With Airbnb, you can now rent houses of celebrities who have listed down their houses on Airbnb to give you an experience of a lifetime!

1. Live at Kevin Jonas’s house- For a cause!

Highlight: Unfortunately, it is not available anymore. But their 6 bed-room residence in New Jersey was up for the rental during the super-bowl with a promise of the tickets. The money was futher donated to charity.

Rent out for:£13,706(20,000 dollars)/night

Image source: news.com.au

2. Vincent Van Gogh- The place spells art!

Highlight: Van Gogh made some of his masterpieces here. It is located in Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur, France and can accommodate upto 10 people.

Rent: £291/night

3. David Copperfield might not be your companion, but Charles Dicken’s memories definitely will be!

Highlight: Full equipped kitchen. Charles Dickens also founded the magazine, All The Year Round in this house. If you have loved Great Expectations, A Tale Of Two Cities just the way we do, you are sure to rent out this place.

Rent out for: £175/night

4. Another reason for your happiness- Charlie Chaplin’s house.

Highlight: It is very close to Santa Monica Boulevard as well as Melrose Avenue. It is situated in Los Angeles. The house of the man who made us laugh, boasts of tiffany stained glass-scenes. The best part though is the immediate vicinity is a tree-lined street.

Rent out for: £87/night

5. Experience the lives of 3 celebrities- With this 3 BR House.

Highlights: It was formerly the house of Denzil Washington. It was also once home to Jimmy Page and also to the actor Jan-Michael Vincent. It is a 3 bed-room plush property in one of the most plush areas of California-Malibu. Imagine, waking up to lovely beaches and spotting dolphins from your patio. It’s like living the Charlie Sheen life!

Rent out for: £329/night

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6. $220 for where Mickey Rooney stayed. Time to book right away!

Highlight: 2 bed-room house at Topanga Canyon which captures the beauty of nature in the perfect manner!

Rent out for:£151 (220 dollars)/night 

7. This is where John Steinback discovered The Sea of Cortez. You might discover something too!

Highlight: This place offers you the rare chance of living in the architecture of the twenties. Also, the privacy of this place is unmatched to any other in the Pacific Grove, California.

Rent out for: £117/night

8. Frank Sinatra’s music still stays with us- Fortunately, so does his house.

Highlights: This house not only features a pool and a pool-house. It also features his original works along with the recording studio he worked in.

Rent out for: £1,781(2600 dollars)/night

9. 39 acres full of awesomeness of former resident Merv Griffin!

Highlights: 2.5 Acre pond. Barn with 20 stables. Also offers a private pool and it’s a Moroccan themed estate in California.

Rent out for: £3426 (5,000 dollars) /night

10. Walk like a Hollywood star from the olden times-Bing Crosby

Highlights: with four bathrooms, four bedrooms as well as a pool, this 1934 house is located in one of the most Hollywood influenced locations in the world- Palm Spring movie colony.

Rent out for: £462 (675 dollars)/night

11. Sonny and Cher- 5 bedrooms just for you and amazing neighbors to top that with!

Highlights: Apart from Sonny and Cher, a lot of other celebrities have stayed in this five bedroom villa. The most striking feature is the children’s bedroom that can accommodate three kids. 

Rent out for: £ 410  (599 dollars)/night

12. Ava Gardiner’s love house

Highlights: This is where Ava Gardiner stayed with her former husband- Artie Shaw. Located in California, this house from the 40s has just become even more beautiful now. Considering the house belonged to a jazz musician, today it has a detached cabin as well as musical instruments just for you.  

Rent out for: £58 (85 dollars)/night

13.What’s better than renting out a world-cup winning rugby player’s house? A lesson with him!


Highlights:Accommodates 8 guests in a 4 bed-room house at Bath. Also, his ad on the site is one of the best things you will read today.

" I’m Lewis, husband to Annie and father of 2"

"Like any rugby family we’re incredibly excited at the prospect of welcoming fans from around the world to play on our home turf and we are very lucky that our home is within such easy distance to many of the tournaments venues."

Rent out for: £150/night (During the World Cup)

14. Designed to perfection just like her creations- Donna Karan

Highlights:Donna Karan has that X-factor that describes anything associated with her. Even this house at Parrot Cay boasts of two guests houses with infinity pools. The main house has three bedrooms and some stunning oceanfront views. You also have a personal chef, housekeeper and butler services dedicated only to you!

Rent out for: £ 20,599 (30,000 dollars)/night

15. David Copperfield made our childhood magical, his namesake does the same for us today!


Highlights:It is a 150- acre private resort island in the Bahamas. You can go with 24 people at a time and operty is spread over 10,000 square feet. It is everything you want from a luxury resort including four hot tubs, sailboats and a 30 member staff dedicated to serve you.

Rent out for:  £39,063 (57,000 dollars)/night

16. Ronaldinho. Enough said!


Highlights:This one is not up for rent anymore but it was during the world cup. But its still worth a mention, because of the gesture. Ronaldinho listed out this house in Rio for people to come and get the complete experience of football in this legend’s house. It includes a pool, a wine cellar, 6 bathrooms as well as 5 bed rooms.

Rent out for£10,279 (15,000 dollars)/night

Would you want to have an experience like this? We know we would. Let us know how you liked our list in the comment section below. 

*All images are taken from Airbnb and are their property. 

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