Best English Road Trip Songs to Be on Your Playlist

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Drive is synonymous to music, it has always been. The best part is that you have music for every kind of mood. We have songs for nostalgia, for fun, for deep thinking and sometimes simply just to go with the flow- much like your journey. Here is our hand-picked list of best road trip songs that are a definite part of our travel essentials:-

21) Magic Bus- The Who


This used to be the perfect drive song, specially for every lover back in the late 60s and early 70s. It is sure to bring a smile on your face once you realize that this song is about the guy wanting a bus to ride to his girlfriend’s house everyday. Sure to make you ride to your girlfriend’s house right away!

20) Landlocked Blues- Bright Eyes w/Emmylou Harris


"If you walk away, I'll walk away
First tell me which road you will take
I don't want to risk our paths crossing some day
So you walk that way, I'll walk this way”

Enough said.

19) Get my Money Right- 50 Cent ft. Kanye West

This song got associated with Hangover completely and became an essential song on every playlist for the road ever since. The famous wolf-pack on their way to Las Vegas completely nail the idea of a perfect fun road trip. The beats, the music, the lyrics- even if you are not into Hip Hop- this song is sure to make you groove on the steering wheel.  

18) Where the Streets have no name- U2


Word of advice- Take the whole album( Joshua Tree) with you. If not, then do not miss this song. The song is inspired by how in Belfast, Northern Ireland people are recognized by the street they live on and the contrast that is with Ethopia. Bono describes this song as a song about a spiritual location; a romantic location. For attaining both on your journey, start with this song.

17) Little Red corvette- Prince


Ah, well this is a completely metaphorical song.

"And the ride
I say the ride is so smooth, you must be a limousine". If you know what he means? This is a super fun song if you are just completely looking at letting go. Just enjoy the drive with the biggest hit of that time that Prince gave.

16) Hey There Delilah- Plain White Tees


This song breaks your heart and makes you fall in love at the same time. This long distance song is the perfect opportunity for you to make that girl fall completely in love with you. With her in New York and him 1000 miles away, this song offers a perfect setting for every romantic situation. Take her on a drive and tell her.."What she does to you”.. She is sure to feel as special as Delilah, I know I would!

15) See you again- Wiz Khalifa feat. Vin Diesel


When you talk about roads and roadtrips and cars in general, you cannot help but drift your mind to Paul Walker and Fast and Furious franchise. This song in general is so deep, that even during the movie you had tears for sure. Well, this is simply our dedication to the coolest man the road ever witnessed. At the same time, this song provides the perfect setting for you to have a conversation with yourself.

14) Get Outta my dreams; get in my car- Billy Ocean


Back in 1988, this song was synonymous to asking a girl out. Today, even though drives are a fad- this song is to add a lovely touch to your cheesy yet cool self. Its sure to put you in the perfect feels and sets the mood right for well.. everything!

13) Shut up and Drive- Rihanna


Good Girl gone bad’s "Engine is ready to explode explode.. Start her up and watch her go go go”. Start your car and let this song do the same for your trip. Just make sure you are the over qualified driver this fine tuned super-sonic machine was looking for.

12) The Way- Fastball


Although the real Texas couple that inspired this song was found dead in Arkansas ravine- this song never fails to inspire real life couples on having a dream life on the highway and ditch their conventional married routines. Honestly, who doesn’t want that? This 1998 Alt-Rock hit is sure to inspire you with its

"They just drove off and left it all behind 'em
But where were they going without ever knowing the way?

Anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved in gold
And it's always summer, they'll never get cold”

11) On the Road Again-Willie Nelson


"And I can't wait to get on the road again
On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again” For your second road-trip, third road-trip and each road-trip after that. You know why? Because the song gets you.

10) Girls /Fast Cars- The Wombats


This is a perfect song for an all girls trip. Its empowering in its own way. Who needs men? When you have your girls.. when out with your gang of girls, remember to play it over and over again.. You are sure to develop a deeper bond and you can thank us later!

9) California- Phantom Planet


California here is just synonymous to your home. When you are out for too long, you are sure to relate to this song. You want to get back to where it all started. The music, the beats of this song are just an icing on the cake. uo; We have been on the run..driving here in the sun” Also, this is the song famously features as the background title of the hit series- The O.C. 

8) Rock chick- Mal Larky


More to female power! This song is not only for your gang of girls but also for your metro sexual guy friends. Get that pink car, put on that pink dress, wear that pink nail polish, apply that hot pink nails and remember to sing along. Nothing gets girlier and cooler than this song on the road!

7) Home- Edward Sharpe, Magetic Zeros


This is the perfect song if you are out with that special someone. No better way to tell them that you do strongly believe that wherever you go, whatever you do uo; Home is where you are”. Even if you are a group of friends who are all in love and have left your wives or girlfriends behind, for that matter even your boyfriends or husbands- you are sure to get really emotional with this song.

Word of advice-Just avoid if one of you has had a break-up.

6) Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield


If Gerard Butler is going to accompany you, then why would you avoid a song like this? To feature in an imaginary video of this song while on your road-trip, just drive singing to yourself imagining that Gerard is looking at you lovingly. Cannot find a reason to say no to that!

5) Teenage Dream- Katy Perry


Every girl in the late 2000s related to this song. Why every girl, every guy was all over Katy Perry after listening to this song. Probably the reason- why gender is no bar to putting this extremely girly song on your play list. More and more power to you girls!

4) Tokyo Drift- Teriyaki ( Fast and Furious)


You do not have to belong to Tokyo to enjoy this half Japanese song. If you are here on this blog post, you know you love this song while you are driving. Specially, the tune change at uo; Fast and Furiouss”. Just make it a point to not get too much into feels and think of yourself as Diesel or Walker. Do not drift!

3) Born to Run- Bruce Springsteen


This entire album featured in every travel playlist back in the day. But you know when you have Bruce Springsteen, you have amazing music. The lyrics is sure to inspire you way too much and then its going to be difficult for you to change the song.

The last 2 have been the most difficult to place for us in terms of ranking. We could not decide between the two at all, but tell us which one is your favorite.

2) Hotel California- Eagles


For every quiet trip, for that window you need in between conversations to think, for amazing lyrics, for ever more amazing music. For nostalgia, for happiness, for sadness, for calmness- Hotel California in the car has been there for us whenever we needed it. No words are going to do justice to describe this song!

1) Highway to Hell- AC/DC


Well, yeah the EXCITEMENT. Unparalleled completely!

This is our pick for our favorite trip songs. Let us know about yours too in the comments section below. Have you made your play-list yet?

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