Gurgaon To Introduce Bike Taxis

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Gurgaon for a layman is a part of Delhi, but in all honesty it is a completely separate region. For one it does not even come in the same union territory or same state. Gurgaon is commonly known for its dazzling malls and has been described as a concrete jungle over and over again. But having close ties with Gurgaon, I have learnt that the city has something new to offer to you every time you go to explore it. Even though metro has been a fairly recent phenomenon in Gurgaon, the public transport of this place has literally always been in place. The buses and taxis made sure that the residents never faced any issue while commuting. But, with Delhi taking a step ahead in terms of road reforms- Gurgaon also followed suit to help people escape the increasing traffic in the city. 

The newest form of public transport to be introduced in the city is bike taxis. Bike as a public transport has been witnessed only by Goa in the past and Haryana is officially the second state to introduce something of this sort. The model of this concept is mainly based on Jakarta’s GrabBikes and Thailand’s motorbike taxis. The app-based service is to hit the market on 1st of December and is sure to provide a much needed personalized ride for fast pace to cover short distances in the city.

The two start-ups that are looking at making this lucrative business a big success are Mtaxi and Baxi. The pricing system of this service is very well in place. Baxi has planned to charge the pillion riders a 20 rupees for the base kilometer with 4 additional rupees per kilometer as well as an extra 1 rupee cost per minute. Mtaxi on the other hand will charge a 25 rupee base fare and 5 rupees for every subsequent kilometer. The best part is that you will receive a bill- so do not shy away from handing it out in your offices to get a re-imbursement, the employers would definitely not keep you running around to pay you for such a reasonably priced commute.

The initial route for Mtaxi bikes is from Huda Centre metro station from 7 am -11 pm where the passengers can pay at the end of their trip. Baxi on the other hand offers services all over Gurgaon by giving you the option of credit as well as online payments. The start-ups plan to launch 100 cc bikes in the first phase of their launch this month. So no more hassle of calling or running behind the auto vale bhaia or negotiating with the cab driver to take you to your destination anymore. Basically, no reason at all to not plan your simple transport in the confines of the city too!

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