The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Los Angeles

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I just got done wiping the tears of happiness from my eyes. But right about now, I am going to start crying about not having enough money for my new dream destination- Los Angeles. Although, J. K Rowling’s best gift to human kind was originally set up in the land of the British, but the dream of every child wanting to be a part of Hogwart’s has succesfully been fulfilled by Universal Studios. After Orlando, the Hollywood Location is all set up to welcome Harry Potter and infuse it in their amazing world of fictional movies.

If Despecable me ride wasn’t enough for you to make adopt Agnes and kidnap a minion or two, Universal Studios is re-living another completely amazing fantasy by finally making The Wizarding World of Harry Potter a part of their amazing experience. For all Harry Potter fans, you do not need to watch the movies over and over again just to understand what Ollivander’s shop would really look like. Now, you have the chance to see millions of wands stacked up to the ceiling(the detailing is amazing) and if you are lucky enough- maybe the wand chooses you too. On that note, remember to go to Honeyduke’s and catch a chocolate frog if possible. Also Bertie Bott’s every flavored beans are amazing, but what if like Dumbledore you are unfortunate enough to get the earwax flavor? Discover for yourself!

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Well, like you even I waited for my letter to Hogwarts all the time back in the 2000s(I still kind of am!). Something it even got me wondering that maybe Hedwig is injured or Pigwidgeon is not able to take the flight, or Errol just hibernated in between- or maybe the owl post didn’t dispatch the letter yet. But now, you can visit the owl post yourself and put the legit Hogsmeade stamp on your letters. Remember to send your fake admission letter back home, just for the feels. Although Aberforth wouldn’t be there to enlighten you with his wisdom or the dark truths about Dumbledore, remember to sip on a butterbeer while in Hog’s head. To keep Fred and George’s legacy on, visit the Zonko’s joke shop and play every practical joke which is practically possible- too bad Weasley Wizard’s Wheezes wont be a part of your experience!

Last but not the least visit three broomsticks, make sure that Madam Rosmerta isn’t under the Cruciatus curse and ask little elves for help there. Avoid coming in Hermione’s sight though, we know how against the whole elves-as-slaves-concept she is. The only anticipation that is killing me is whether the Diagon Alley features would be incorporated in the Hollywood Studios too, or for that we would need to visit Orlando? While your ride to different spots in a transport very similar to Knight bus, would never make you want to get off- Hagrid’s hut would come calling to you really soon. Get down, see if Fang is inside and learn how to bow down to a Hippogriff( Yes, we still love Buckbeak for keeping Sirius safe)! So go, live it up Harry Potter style and who knows you might be able to explore your true wizardry talents here too?

I know I am saving up every penny to get to LA in Spring 2016, then I would go and put all my money in the Wizard bank. Will your love for Harry Potter take you there too? Let us know in the comment section below!

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