8 Reactions of Indians When They Visit Abroad

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Indians are really proud of their rich culture and values. We might have moved ahead with times but still we choose to stick to our core values. No two countries have the exact same way of living. This is probably why, when Indians go abroad- there are some trademark things they definitely do. Here is a list of reactions that Indians have the most once abroad as per our observation:-

8) Indian Connection ho jaaye!

I have often noticed that even in our country, two people speaking the same language connect a lot better. So, once we go abroad- we look out for similar faces, similar dialects and similar accents. This phenomenon has a simple reason behind it; that when an Indian interacts with an Indian, the comfort zone level doubles up instantly. Why do you think Canada and Southall are flocked by Indian tourists at all times?

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7) Spicy Food- Need for overload of black pepper and Schezwan Sauce!

Even though we owe a lot to globalization as well as Kal Ho naa ho for Indian restaurants abroad, the stereotype of bland food has still stuck around. Somehow, we never find the food satiating. That is the reason why in holiday season the sale of Pravin mango pickle and Maggi instantly goes high. We need something to pair up with ‘maa ke haath kaa thepla’ no? But once that stock is over, restaurants is the way to go- and we are always shocked at why there is no extra mirchi to accessorize our food with.

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6) Miss the roadside vale bhaiya for Directions!

 Even though Google Maps tried- asking for directions on the road comes naturally to us. Blame it on the horrible 3g reception in the country, or self-acclaimed technological challenged nature of people, GPS has not become a household phenomenon. When the girl with American Accent instructs us to take a right, is when we instantly the miss the friendly two minute conversation with the passerby on our streets.

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5) Beauty Treatments are overpriced and clothes are underpriced- Exact opposite!

Whatever we say, we are used to Rs. 30 for threading and Rs. 100 for waxing. When the price of these things is almost half of your budget for the trip abroad, you instantly flip! Also our favorite brands are quite cheap abroad- it is like shopping from Emporio or Palladium in the price of Janpath or Fashion Street. Understanding why someone would not binge on shopping and spend a fortune on grooming (even for dogs) is beyond us!

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Yes agreed, clichés and stereotypes are a part of our daily conversations, Want to check out some more of the cliches that we keep repeating?

4) So much traffic sense..Wow!

We follow signal in two scenarios- where there is a Cop standing at the junction or the last signal has stopped but people have not stopped moving yet. Otherwise, cut maarna aur beech me se nikalna is second nature to us. When people religiously follow zebra crossings and all the traffic rules, we are amused as to how do all these people get to places on time!

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3) Shorter the dress, more the "khule khayalaat”

How much ever modern we get, short clothes are yet to become a part of our daily comfort wear. You either see them in Goa or South Delhi and Mumbai, otherwise item numbers on screen is the only reason for you to witness ‘chote kapde’. When we realize, that summer dresses is actually categorized under daily wear, is when we fringe a little. How many times have you heard your Neighbor’s Daughter’s Dog’s Aunty say- "no manners, such short clothes? Too modern for our liking”

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2) Place to sit in Public Transport?

We are used to brushing and leaning and unwanted body touching in the public transport in our country. The only time you get place to sit is in the afternoon or nights in the buses, trains or metros. Blame it on the population or budget travel- but when you get to sit in between two local destinations, you cannot help thanking God enough!

1) Water Water everywhere- but not a drop to wash!

This is something we will never get used to. Using paper is just plain unhygienic in our eyes and we do not understand why do people waste so much paper! The personal time that was formerly most looked forward to turns into the most dreaded time of the day. Paper just doesn’t work man!

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Most of us have had atleast three to four of these reactions while on our trips abroad. Any other observation that you think you could enlighten us with? Do let us know.

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