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If you are viewing this blog, we know you belong to the 98% of the world population that is not able to contain tears since the new Star Wars released. Also, knowing our type- our love for this space saga is not satiated with just viewing the movie. Therefore, people like us have come up with a solution for this unending desire of ours to live in a galaxy far, far away. We have come up with star wars themed places that will help you relive your star wars fantasy.

So, read on to know about the places that have under taken the job of propagating Jedism as a religion and are doing an amazing job at it. Any Star Wars fan has one name for a dream date place, or a dream hangout bar and that is the Cantina. Maybe your infamous Princess Leia fantasy would not come true- but hanging out at the Cantina comes extremely close to being fulfilled. "The Cantina is actually where Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi first meet Han Solo and it’s a bar and it’s probably one of the best scenes in the world,” said Jeff St.Pierre, co-owner of The Cantina, said in a recent interview. We are talking about the newly opened bar in Orleans neighborhood of Ottawa. Time to take fellow fans and head to the Canadian capital to completely inhale the Star Wars air.

Although, the Cantina was not supposed to be a friendly place according to Obi- Wen Kanobi, this place proves to be one of the freshest in the city for great drinks and an even better time. This is not all, this bar in Indiana took it to another level by making it one of the coolest bars ever set on a fictional science theme. The drinks served here all around the year keep you engrossed and what more would you want than sipping on a galactic drink with Stormtroopers?

Apart from this, someone is living Star Wars and literally. This mansion in Indianapolis is completely based on Star Wars theme. Right from the bar to the home theatre to the bedroom which is accompanied by a gazebo, this is the closest you can get to living Star Wars. 

Another place to have been bowled over by the awesomeness of the Cantina was Chicago’s the whistler, which took up the same setting as that of the Mos Eisley Cantina and had an elaborate bar menu full of galactic cocktails. Our favorite though is easily the empire strips back burlesque show. Their tour started in November and ends in February covering US and Australia. What’s different you ask? Well, imagine putting your favorite star-wars characters in the world of burlesque.

That is what is completely amazing about this place. Princess Leia would now easily be doing a lot more in people’s minds. You do have Darth Vader who's on a completely different sort of a dark side and the sexy Stormtroopers are sure to take you on the dark side too! Luke Skywalker is the only one complaining about this burlesque show- can’t blame him, this is the first time he is shown as slightly effeminate.

Star Wars fans such as us do a lot for the love of the force, and you know who shares this sentiment? Machester. Remember how you wanted to taste blue milk just to become the greatest Jedi to have ever lived like Skywalker. Well, you have that chance now. This Manchester bar serves blue "bantha milk” cocktails. The bar also features Yoda’s Dagobah swamp, an Ewok village and Jabba The Hutt’s palace and a lot of other cocktails based on the Star Wars theme. You should also check out recipes for star wars themed parties and star wars themed weddings, another level love for the world of Darth Vader that is!

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The best place by far though which has made peace with the fact that Star Wars in some places is actually more influential than God is this church in Berlin. On the Sunday right before Christmas, this church plans to put Star Wars movies as the center of worship. The church is said to be wanting to show the World the positives of Star Wars by screening excerpts of the movie right below their pulpit. Apparently, the belief behind this reason is that Luke Skywalker never gave in to the evil side. He even gave up his light saber in the end. The Protestant church is hoping for a lot of "curious visitors” as well as "die-hard Star Wars fans” to receive this service well.. Well, we can just pray.

Any more places that feed your fantasy of travelling to the outer space?Much to learn about star wars inspired places, you still have then why not live it following a religion which has all the coolness in the world related to it. Yes, we are talking about Jedism, if you feel the same and you know about some more places that keep calling out to the Star Wars fan in you, then please let us know. May the force be with you!

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