Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes in the UK

Bonfire is an enjoyable activity, and if it associated with a festival, it becomes even more fun. The Bonfire Festivals are a trend in the UK. People of different countries celebrate the Bonfire festivals in their own ways. Not many people know about the Bonfire UK- Destinations, Events, Facts, Food, and history. For all those people who want to know about this beautiful festival, we provide all the information about Bonfire UK- Destinations, Events, Facts, Food and history in the article below.

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Bonfire UK in A Nutshell

There are a lot of different places where the Bonfire Festival is celebrated in the UK, and each of them has a different name for it. Let us look at some of the most famous Bonfire festivals, UK.

The Guy Fawkes’ Festival

The Guy Fawkes festival is the most celebrated Bonfire festival all around the UK and has a significant historical significance. It is celebrated on 5th November every year, and different places have different traditions to follow. Some of the best places to visit during this festival are:

1.Lewes, Sussex

This is one of the most traditional celebrations of the festival, and if you want to see all the old traditions of the Guy Fawkes Festival, this is the place to visit.

2. Giant Fishing boat bonfire, Yorkshire

Burning of a giant fishing boat in a bonfire is what the people of Yorkshire do to celebrate the 5th of November Bonfire Festival.

3. Coram’s Fields, London

If you want to witness the most beautiful display of fireworks, head to the Coram’s Fields in London, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The Eleventh Night Celebration

The Eleventh Night Celebration is done on the 11th night of July in Northern Ireland. This festival has similar historical significance as the Guy Fawkes Festival, and the celebration style is also same. People light of bonfires and fireworks.

The St John Eve

St John Eve is the Bonfire festival held in the Republic of Ireland. People celebrate the birth of St John and prayers are held at the churches during the day whereas the bonfire takes place during the night.

History and Origin

The Bonfire Night or the Guy Fawkes festival has a great significance in the history of Britain because it marks the day when the Gunpowder plot failed to kill King James I. The story is that King James I was not treating the Catholics of the country correctly. So, they teamed up against him and made a plan to blow the entire House of Parliament in London. They planned to make the country Catholic again by killing all of King’s ministers and the king himself. The Guy Fawkes was caught on 5th of November 1605 guarding the explosives in the cellar where the plot was to take place. This entire event saved the life of the king and the people rejoiced by lighting bonfires all around London. This is how the tradition started and is still going on in Britain.

Another Bonfire Night that has much historical significance is the Eleventh Night celebration and is held to celebrate the victory of Protestant William OF Orange against Catholic James II.

In the Republic of Ireland, the Bonfire Night or the St John’s Eve is celebrated every 23rd of June as the birthday of St John. Before the church took over, the event was celebrated to pay abode to the goddess Aine.

The Celebration

Each city has a unique way of celebrating The Bonfire Night in the UK. Most common activities that take place during the festivals are fireworks, bursting of crackers and lighting bonfires. Since it is cold during the Bonfire night of 5th November, people dress up in their winter clothing and sit by the bonfire celebrating the event. In the earlier times, the Bonfire Nights were only celebrated by lighting up a bonfire and bursting crackers. However, these days, people organize parties and events based on this festival. In many places, there are parades held by the people of the city. It is considered as the day of celebration, and the people of UK sure put up a great event.

What’s On the Menu?

Since Bonfire Nights is such a big occasion in the UK, you will find different kinds of foods being served. It is mostly the festive treats that can be taken outside and be eaten with the bonfire. Like during the Guy Fawkes festival, the temperature in the UK drops. So, people cook things like baked potatoes filled with butter, toffee apples and much more. People usually prepare the dishes at home and like to enjoy them while watching the fireworks. However, you can also go to a lot of restaurants and bars that have special deals on their menus for the day or night celebration. Other food items that you can get at the Bonfire night are black peas, treacle toffee, and muchmore As the festivals have been extremely commercialized, you will find lots and lots of different kinds of food items.

Special Events

There are three events that take place in the bonfire night all around the UK, and they include:


As the name suggests, a Bonfire is a must. So people light up huge bonfires in open spaces and celebrate the occasion with happiness and cheer.


Aside from bonfire, you will also see fireworks of all kinds. The fireworks last for an hour at times and the whole sky light up beautifully. The fireworks and the Bonfire makes up for beautiful scenery.

Food and parties

There is no festival without food and parties. People in different parts of UK prepare special dishes and have The Bonfire Night parties in their houses.


Here are some fascinating facts that you did not know about the Bonfire Night UK:

The Guy Fawkes festival is over 400 years old and is celebrated every year by the people of UK.

During the Guy Fawkes festival, the bonfires are lit in order to burn Guy who planned on murdering the King. So, people burn his effigy in the bonfire.

Hundreds of fireworks are set off every year, and the maxim number has reached to a 300 that include 200 rockets in the major cities. 

So if you find the Bonfire UK- Destinations, Events, Facts, Food, and history interesting, make sure to celebrate the Bonfire Festivals in the UK and have the time of your life.


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