15 Reasons That Prove You Are Born To Travel

By Isha Jalan on Jul 31, 2015
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You're the person who has pictures of beaches, mountains and forests taped up on your cubicle. You're the person who people go to for quick packing tips. Your favourite subject in school was geography! You have a list of places to go written on a piece of paper on your nightstand because you never know when the urge to travel strikes! If this sounds like you, youre a traveller at heart. Here are 15 things that prove you were born to travel!

1. You've always wanted to shift out of your hometown

Whether you've done it or not, the urge to move out of your hometown and live in a new city has always been there!

born to travel

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2. You love new experiences

Whether its exotic food or bungee jumping, you're always up for the challenge. You're the kind of person who chooses dare instead of truth!

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3. You love meeting new people

Social anxiety is not a phrase that you understand or care about. If you meet someone new especially from a different country or culture, it automatically becomes the highlight of your day!

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4. You love packing

You're absolutely organised when it comes to packing even if your room looks like a tornado hit it last night. You also hate unpacking because that means your trip is over!

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5. You dont shy away from long journeys

Whether its backpacking across Europe, or going on a long and gruelling road trip, for you, its not just the destination, but also the journey thats important.

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6. Your dream job involves travel

You either want to be a travel writer or a professional trekker or even a wildlife photographer. You know that you're not meant for a 9 to 5 job.

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7. You love flying

Airplanes childishly excite you. You have a complete strategy when it comes to airports and people often come to you for tips.

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8. You know how to greet people in different languages

Whether you've been there or not, it doesn't matter. You've tried to include phrases from different countries into your vocabulary, you know, just in case!

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9. You spend your time reading travel blogs

Like this one!

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10. You day dream about vacations all the time

Sitting in your cubicle, that's all you do, really.

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11. You keep your travel documents handy, just in case

You never know when the need to escape would overwhelm you. 

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12. You can sleep anywhere

Train stations, uncomfortably small seats, dirty hotels it doesn't bother you. In fact, you're quite proud of this little talent of yours.

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13. Your favourite books involve travel

You count On the Road, Eat, Pray, Love, Into the Wild and the Motorcycle Diaries as your favourites!

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14. You have a bunch of memorabilia from different places you've visited

Whether its a scar that you got while trekking, or medical documents from the time you got explosive diarrhoea from eating very spicy food somewhere exotic, or even a dirty, tattered pair of jeans: you keep them forever because they've been a part of your travel stories.

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15. Choosing vacation destinations is hard for you

Because there are just so many places to choose from!

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