How Does Brexit Affect Your Future Travel Plans?

  • UPDATED Dec 20, 2017

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While it has been quite a surprising turn of events leaving the world in absolute shock and the economy with a question mark, we want to clear the air about how Brexit most importantly affects our travel plans! So there is good news and bad news, let’s start with the good news first! Murica’ and The Kiwis are going to be having one heck of a vacation in The UK and Europe, but they need to act on it NOW! Since the pound and euro have dropped to its absolute lowest they’re going to make the most of every cent. The bad news is, it’s going to be a tough pickle for the UK and Europe, since there are going to be a lot of changes in its rules and regulations, they might not have the perks they had before. Bear in mind it takes 2 yrs for this split to actually happen, so till then here’s the low-down!

 1. Money, Moolah, Dough 

Obviously the pound and euro have already taken a beating, so if you’re from the U.S or any country other than the from the EU it’s time to go on that holiday you’ve been putting off! Many travel companies such as Thomas Cook and major banks have already temporarily suspended foreign currency exchanges in anticipation that it might drop even more! We’re talking about 10-15% drop in prices on hotels, air tickets and tours!

Which is great for our Asian friends since they are the biggest chunk of contributors to UK’s tourism!

 Tip: Once you arrive, use ATM cards to withdraw cash, rather than charging your purchases on your credit card. Visa and Mastercard have exchange rates that fluctuate from day-to-day, but they aren’t in real time so you’ll get a good idea about the exchange rate!

2. Get Your Golden Ticket!

Airfares have never been so cheap to UK because now fewer Europeans and Brits will visit the U.S. than ever. Expect airfares from the U.S. to Europe and Britain to go even lower. The day after the Brexit vote, we saw airfares to London on Virgin Atlantic and other airlines for fall travel reduced to $500 round-trip and a steal in India for ₹15k!

Tip: Book your air tickets through a British website than an American website or change the country from America to UK to get them even cheaper!

3. Enjoy The Suite Life

London can be expensive, especially its hotels. So live life king size in some of the poshest hotels at a fraction of the cost. If you pre-booked a hotel or made other arrangements, check to see if you can rebook at a better price now that the exchange rates have been hammered.

4. Thou Shall Not Pass!

As of now there aren’t any restrictions as such, but there will be changes in the next 2 years making it quite the costly affair for the Brits and a bit more troublesome too. Many rumours suggest a change in passports or border restrictions between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland but that’s all talk. For now UK is free to roam without a visa to EU countries. 

5. Keep Calm And Travel

If you’re hopping from UK to Europe and worried about how you’re going to get around. It’s safe to say that all transportation schedules and routes that include buses,trains,ferries or planes will remain the same throughout the next couple of months and so will its frequency.

Pack your bags and don’t miss out on this opportunity! We don’t know what the future holds, so let’s make hay while the sun’s out eh?