Brijvilla, Dalhousie - A Tranquil Abode Amidst Nature

By Ketki Hanamshet on Aug 23, 2018
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I am a girl who loves to hustle for a living in the bustling city, but I have a soul that yearns to nestle in the lap of the mountains. So, when a long weekend was staring me in the face, I knew it was time to greet the Himalayas. Dalhousie was instantly chosen as the destination to visit, for I had skipped it during my trip to Dharamshala. And boy had people poked me about what I had missed! Spanning 5 hills of the Dhauladhar mountain range, Dalhousie is blessed with abundant natural beauty and lovely British-era buildings.


The majestic Dhauladhar Mountains 

Scanning property after property on the internet, I stumbled upon Brijvilla, Dalhousie, and knew in no time that this was just the right place to stay for me and my partner, during our 3-day Dalhousie trip. Now, who wouldn’t want to book a holiday home in Dalhousie that allows you to stay at one of the highest peaks of Moti Tiba!


The charmingly quaint Brijvilla

I booked us in the Classic room of the villa as it looked promising for a romantic stay (honeymooners, do I have your attention?).


The lovely Classic Room at Brijvilla, Dalhousie


The lovely Classic Room at Brijvilla, Dalhousie

Landing at the Amritsar airport, we had a comfortable car waiting for us. It was going to be a 4-hour long journey to Dalhousie, and we couldn’t be more happy to have a car arranged by Brijvilla. The mountainous roads were a little tricky, but the hours just breezed by as the driver was well-accustomed to the route. There was not one dull moment throughout the journey and the breathtaking views along the way left us mesmerized.


Green mountains and cascading waterfalls along the scenic drive to Brijvilla

We reached Dalhousie mid-afternoon and as our car went along the spiral road, laced through the pine trees, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The way to Brijvilla had already won my heart and I was eager to reach the place. I was left spellbound upon stepping out of the car, looking at the colonial architecture-style villa. Instantly teleported to the British era, I then realized why Dalhousie used to be a favorite retreat amongst the Brits in olden times. 


Pine-laced road leading to Brijvilla


The beautiful colonial-style Brijvilla

We were heartily welcomed with garlands by the courteous staff and in no time a cup of hot brewing herbal tea was placed in our hands to warm us up. Being at the peak of Moti Tiba, the weather was quite chilly, yet pleasant. 


A warm and hearty welcome

While the hot welcome drink warmed our insides, we were informed about the property and the amenities that came with it.


Brijvilla: A beautiful abode on the peak of Moti Tiba

As we waited to be ushered to our room, we were told that our Classic room could be upgraded to an Imperial room. I couldn’t believe our luck and my happiness knew no bound. The Imperial room, true to its name, was regal in every sense. Delighted to have it, we checked in and within minutes, a bell-boy was by our side. Standing at the door, I glanced at our room and was charmed by the quaint and elegant interiors. The warm hues, bedside lamps, antique furniture, and the king-sized bed together splashed a tinge of romantic setting to the royal Imperial room. It had an attached wardrobe room, wherein I saw one of the most beautiful and classic dressing tables. I would have stood in front of it for hours together, hadn’t I caught an eye of the fireplace. The mere sight of it thoroughly warmed me.


The royal Imperial Room at Brijvilla


The antique furniture in the attached dressing and wardrobe room


Modern amenities offered at Brijvilla, Dalhousie

We quickly freshened up and went to have lunch at the restaurant in the hotel. Cedar, The Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offered us an extensive menu of international and local dishes. We decided to go for the local delicacies and boy did the lunch turn out to be a delicious gastronomical affair! After a long journey and a scrumptious lunch, my partner and I lingered around, taking in the gorgeous surroundings of Brijvilla. Engulfed in towering Deodar trees from all sides, the property is washed with tranquility. Soaking in the peaceful atmosphere, it felt as if the world had come to a standstill. Sitting on the lawn chairs, talking to each other, we didn’t know how an hour just flew by.


The serene surroundings at Brijvilla

We would have loved spending more time exploring the property, but it was about time we left to take in all that Dalhousie had to offer us. We got ready and were delighted to know that Brijvilla had arranged a personalized sightseeing tour for us. What more could we ask for! We visited Panchpula and Subhash Baoli which are amongst the prime tourist attractions in Dalhousie. I shopped to my heart’s content at the Gandhi Chowk to collect souvenirs.

As we returned to Brijvilla at night, the property seemed even more appealing. Although the surroundings were pitch dark, the view of the clear skies filled my heart with joy. I could have slept under the blanket of stars all night long. But having wandered a lot, we had worked-up an appetite and were ready to ravish some lip-smacking food. We had pahari chicken and the chef special biryani for dinner.


The memorable dining experience at Cedar Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Post dinner we were informed that the next day was going to be a little hectic and that we would be woken up early morning. With a filled stomach and a brimming heart, we crashed out in no time. We got a wakeup call early morning as promised and were served with fresh bed tea. Oh, how I love vacations! While Brijvilla treated us like royalty, they also pampered us as kids. The variety of breakfast items spoilt us for choice. There were crispy bakery products that melted in our mouth, several parathas, egg dishes, and fresh juices. The best part about breakfast was enjoying it with the magnificent views of the Himalayas. Being located on the top of Moti Tiba, Brijvilla offered clear vistas of the majestic mountains.


The mesmerizing views from Brijvilla

The sightseeing tour of day-2 was also arranged by Brijvilla as part of our package. We were accompanied by a guide who gave us thorough information about the places we visited. We covered the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, the pristine Khajjiar Lake, and trekked the Dainkund Peak. We realized how blessed we were to have a guide, for both of us turned out to be sloppy trekkers.


Image Source:

The lush green Khajjiar


Image Source:

The majestic vistas from Dainkund Peak

After enough adventure, we returned to Brijvilla at around 6. The night turned out to be very entertaining since a bonfire was set up and our dinner was arranged in the garden. This was a barbeque dinner where we were served with an assortment of delicious veg and non-veg dishes. The Mutton Rogan Josh and Paneer Shaam Savera were finger-licking good! To satisfy our sweet tooth, we had lemon cake and lauki halwa for desert.


Mouth-watering mutton Rogan Josh and Paneer Shaam Savera

We hung around for a while after dinner, since the next day was planned to relax. While checking out our photographs of the day, the manager at Brijvilla asked us if we would like to indulge in a thrilling escape game in their activity room the next day. It sounded very fascinating and we decided to give it a shot after returning from Chamera Lake.

It was our last day at Brijvilla, Dalhousie, and I was already feeling blue. We left for Chamera Lake which is about 28 kilometers away from the villa. Looking at the pristine lake with postcard-perfect hills in the backdrop, I wished I had a home in the mountains, just like the one I was staying at for the last two days.


Image Source:

The lovely Chamera Lake

Although I reluctantly pulled myself away from the alluring place, the journey back to Brijvilla was exciting, since I looked forward to having fun in the escape room. All the arrangements were done before we reached the villa and we were ready to put our brains to work. Me and my partner, along with other guests of the hotel, were locked in a room and had an hour to break out. With just a minute left to strike the hour, we solved the last riddle and emerged victorious!

It is funny how we make friends in the most unconventional way. Our teammates, who were just other guests staying at Brijvilla, had now bonded with us and already made their way to our Insta stories. The escape room game was an adrenaline-filled one and a great recreational activity arranged indoors by Brijvilla.


The lovely property of Brijvilla, Dalhousie

Although it was now time to head for the bustling city, I wished to stay longer at this temporary home of mine in the woods. As I stepped out with a heart full of warm memories, I was handed a small artificial pine tree as a souvenir by Brijvilla. Now standing on the corner of my working table, it reminds me to return soon to the lovely villa in Dalhousie.

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