Top 10 Hostels in Hampi for Backpackers

By Sameer Kapoor on Feb 06, 2019
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Are worried about where to stay when visiting Hampi?
Hampi is on the radar of many backpackers and solo travelers who wish to immerse themselves in its culture and be one with its rich heritage. Some of the backpackers might choose hostels for their stay in Hampi so as to get one with the local nerve.
Here are the selected 10 hostels in Hampi for Backpackers that can offer a great stay while sticking on to your budgets in the best way possible.

1. Hampi Jungle Tree

Hampi Jungle Tree is a perfect option for backpackers who wish to stick on to the budget. This hostel comes along with basic amenities like free WiFi to an on-site restaurant. The hostel is pet-friendly offering you a choice to bring your cuddly creatures along with you.
Address: Jungle tree sanapur Rangapur, 583234 Hampi
Price: 699 INR per night
  • Some Rooms with seating area
  • Easy bike and car hire available
  • Pet-friendly hostel
  • Free WiFi available throughout the property
  • An on-site restaurant

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2. Murali Homestay Hampi 

A stay at Murali homestay will offer you a rustic charm owing to its small huts and a village-like ambience. This is a pet-friendly accommodation in Hampi, the Murali Homestay is known for its service and quality stay even though in budget prices. There are a variety of rooms to choose from and proper services to make your stay in Hampi comfortable.
This homestay is quite close to the Tungabhadra river and thus offers scenic views of nature.
Address:71, Virupapur Gaddi, Sanapur (post), 583234 Hampi
Price: 800 INR per night 
  • Laundry services
  • Easy bike and car hire available
  • Pet friendly hostel
  • Free WiFi available throughout the property

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3. Padma Guesthouse

Strategically located near to Virsupaksha temple, one of the highlights of Hampi. The Padma Guesthouse offers you the convenience of commutation.
The staff can speak English and excellent services are available for a convenient stay. The guesthouse is considered to be pretty amicable by backpackers who have enjoyed a stay here. The rooms offer you views of Virupaksha temple, something that can call for its USP.
Address: Hampi Bazaar Street, 583239 Hampi, India
Price: 1200 INR per night
  • TV available inside the rooms
  • Shower and toiletries available in private bathrooms
  • English speaking staff  

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4. Vista Rooms at Venu Guest House

Enjoy a relaxing stay in Hampi at Vista Rooms in Venu Guest House that comes at a budget price for you. The rooms are simple and have been aptly furnished for the use of the visitors. These rooms also offer a homely feel amidst a serene set up and village charm.
With such a combination, this hostel for backpackers is worth-spending an experience within a well-appointed budget for travelers who wish to explore the city like a local. 
Address: Janta Plot, Hospet Taluq, 583234 Hampi
Price: 750 INR per night
  • Rooms feature seating area
  • Shower and toiletries available in private bathrooms
  • English speaking staff 

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5. Sirihomestay 

The unique feature of this hostel is that it offers you magnificent views of mountains from the balconies of the rooms.
This picture-perfect homestay offers relaxation and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located amidst coffee plantations, emerald greenery, this hostel makes you feel as if you are residing in a forest with the sound of crickets at night and twittering of birds in the morning.
Address: Janatha Plot Hampi, 583239 Hampi, India
Price: 1200 INR per night
  • Beautiful views from the balconies
  • Shower and toiletries available in private bathrooms
  • English speaking staff 

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6. Om Shiva Guest House

A budget hostel in Hampi for backpackers, the Om Shiva Guest House offers best of the services available without causing a hole in your pocket.
The backpackers will especially find this hostel to be pretty attractive due to its village-like location and proximity to various attractions of Hampi. You can easily rent a bike from here to roam around the city.
Mosquito nets are provided in the rooms for the comfort of the visitors.
Address: Janatha Plot, River Road, Hampi, 583239 Hampi, India
Price: 900 INR per night
  • Shops are available inside the property
  • Bikes easily available on rent
  • Free WiFi 

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7. Waterfalls Guesthouse

Experience the unspoiled charm of Hampi from waterfalls guesthouse that offers scenic vistas of the town. Situated next to the waterfalls and the beautiful Sanapur Lake, this hostel is perfect for a family stay since it is managed by a family itself. Indian interiors with flowing and colorful curtains add an inevitable charm to this hostel.
It is just 10 minutes away from the famous Hampi Bazaar and is thus a coveted location to stay for the backpackers.
Address: NH 130 Sanapur Karnataka NH 130, 583234 Hampi
Price: 700 INR per night
  • On-site Restaurant
  • Shared Lounge
  • Free WiFi
  • English Speaking staff 

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8. Moksha

A quaint hostel for backpackers, Moksha is true to its name and offers budget accommodation with the best amenities possible. The hostel’s beautiful cottages add to its rustic charm and they come along with contemporary amenities that the guests might be looking forward to.
There is also an availability of leisure lobby lounge to relax with periodicals, a computer shack with Internet access and courtesy coach.
Address: Near Old Stone Bridge Virapur Gaddi, 583277 Hampi, India
Price: 1000 INR per night
  • Easy bike and car hire available
  • Pet-friendly hostel
  • Free WiFi available throughout the property
  • An onsite restaurant 

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9. Golden Garden Hampi 

With excellent services that come at low costs, the Golden Garden hostel in Hampi has become quite a favorite one with the visitors.
Located outside the bustling city amidst a peaceful setting, this hostel also offers a communal garden setting for people to relax and enjoy. The rooms are well ventilated and come along with proper village-like feel to stay in.
Address: Behind Virupaksha Temple River Street, 583239 Hampi
Price: 1000 INR per night
  • Hot tub for the guests
  • Easy bike and car hire available
  • Free WiFi available throughout the property
  • Seating area with some rooms 

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10. Fortun Boarding and Lodging

This boarding is known for its perfect location that inevitably gives it the opportunity to offer you great views and proximity. Located in the Hospet town, this lodging is quite favorite with people who wish to experience the hippie charm of Hampi and wish to have all the basic amenities in their kitty as well.
Terrace is also available to spend some quiet time in relaxation.
Address: Near KSRTC Bus stand Beside Syndicate Bank, Hampi
Price: 999 INR per night
  • On site restaurant
  • Free WiFi
  • Free shuttle service

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Hope we help you in staying and exploring Hampi and experience the local charm at its best with these these top hostels in Hampi for backpackers.

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