10 Low Cost Airlines to Fly Out of India

By Niraj Kakade on Aug 24, 2016
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We all have thought about traveling abroad once in our life, right? But with the falling rupee and painfully expensive flight tickets we just turn our heads to Goa or Lonavla instead. But what if we tell you that you can afford to fly out of India for half the amount of money you bought your cellphone for? Unbelievable, right? Well here at TripHobo we like to make impossible things possible for our viewers. So we bring you a list of Top 10 Airlines that offer inexpensive travel out of the country!

1. IndiGo 


Image Source: facebook/goindiGO
This airline is famously known for budget travel to popular international destinations. Being a low-cost carrier, IndiGo offers only economy class seating accommodating 180 passengers per flight. To make air travel even low, it does not provide complimentary meals or any in-flight entertainment in any of its flights. Though you can opt for buy-on board in-flight meal if you're in a mood to splash some cash. Popular destinations include Dubai, Muscat and Singapore from cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. 
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How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹7,500 one-way travel.

2. AirAsia 


Image Source: facebook/airasia
Formed in 2001 this airline agency offers both comfortable flying experience and exceptional service at a very affordable rate! Like other airlines on the list AirAsia offers "Snack Attack" a buy on board programme offering food and drinks for purchase. They also offer in-flight entertainment which includes a wide selection of movies and TV shows, which you can view in your personal 10" widescreen tab. Popular destinations include Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. It operates from multiple Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹6,990 for one-way travel

3. FlyDubai   

We're sure you've never read Dubai and budget-friendly together in one sentence. But you'll be surprised to know that this government-owned Dubai based airline offers cheap tickets to multiple destinations in Asia, Africa and Europe. Full meal service is provided on longer flights. Alcoholic beverages and additional snacks can be purchased on board. On shorter flights, a full menu of wraps and sandwiches is available. Inflight entertainment includes wide selection of movies and TV shows which is available for pre-purchase. 
How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹6,500 for one-way travel

4. Scoot 

This Singapore Airline subsidiary offers low-cost overseas travel. It operates in cities like Chennai, Amritsar and Jaipur and flies to large parts of Asia. In-flight entertainment includes 'ScooTV' which is a video streaming platform, accessible through on-board tablet or you're own laptop, mobile phone, etc. Access to ScooTV is complimentary. 
How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹6,500 for one-way travel
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5. Malindo Air 

Image Source: facebook/scoot 

This Malaysian based airline is headquartered in Petaling Jaya. It is joint venture between the Malaysian and Indonesian government. It offers the cheapest flying ticket to Australia. They operate in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Amritsar and will take you to Perth, Colombo, Singapore and Vietnam. In-flight entertainment includes complimentary wifi. There's buy-on-board food service available.
How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹10,000 for one-way travel.

6. Mihin Lanka 

Image Source: facebook/mihinlanka 

Mihin Lanka is a low-fare leisure airline based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is owned by the Sri Lankan government. The best international destinations you can travel to are Colombo, Bahrain, Shanghai from most of the Indian metropolitan cities. There's no in-flight entertainment offered. So don't forget to carry your book! 

How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹8,500 for one-way travel 
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7. Air Arabia 

This Sharjah-based carrier offers great deals to travel within Asia, Africa and some European cities. They have daily flights from various Indian cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa, Delhi and Chennai to Dubai, Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar and Kenya. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted, nor is any in-flight entertainment.
How cheap is it? - Starting from ₹6000 for one way travel.

8. SpiceJet 

Image Source: facebook/spicejet

Yet another Indian airline that not only has good domestic connectivity but also has connections to Dubai, Muscat, Colombo and Kabul. Yes, Kabul! You can buy on-board breakfast for as cheap as ₹300 bucks. Inflight entertainment includes great collection of magazines and the famous Spice route magazine. 

9. Air India Express 

This airline has been a staple of cheap airline travel for many years now. Connecting over 13 Indian cities to different subcontinents of the world for a very cheap price. In-flight food includes choice of continental or Indian cuisine, complimentary liquor/wine. Well positioned movie screens are provided for in-flight entertainment purposes. 
How cheap is it? - ₹7000 for one-way travel. 

10. Tigerair 

Tigerair connects some of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo and Macau to Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi Lucknow, Tiruchirapalli and Chennai. The in-flight menu changes every season. In-flight entertainment includes complimentary wifi. 
How cheap is it? - ₹10,000 for one-way travel. 
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