Business Careers That Involve a Lot of Traveling

  • UPDATED Apr 04, 2017

For those nearing the end of their online business degree program who are anxious to find a job in the field that allows them to travel, you’ll be excited to hear about the many positions that exist that require lots of travel. A career in business  is challenging and rewarding, yet at the same time it’s a great option if you hope to travel for work.

With that said we’ll take a look at some of the top business career choices that are known for their extensive amount of traveling.

A Regional Sales Representative


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If travel is what you're after then the role of a regional sales representative  will certainly be right for you. In this career you are assigned a set region that you will be working with and selling to. Your region could be within the country, or it could be somewhere in Asia, Europe, South America, or elsewhere. 

While you are visiting with clients there will also be dinners you will take them to, maybe a lunch, a sports event, or other activities. You’ve heard of the saying uo;wine and dine the client”, well that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

A Management Consultant


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Consultants are also notorious for having to do plenty of travel both within the country and internationally. As a management consultant, you will be advising your clients on various matters and this is best done by visiting them in person. Depending on the job you may only need to schedule a short trip, or it could be a bit longer in order to cover all of the areas they need help with. You will be working right there in the client's business, allowing you to meet all kinds of new people.

This one is very travel-heavy, so it’s ideal for those who don’t mind flying multiple times a week and living in hotel rooms.

The Hospitality Industry


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What better way to ensure lots of travel than to work in the travel industry itself. You can put to use your online bachelors in business and work your way up the ladder to a management position  within the hospitality industry. You will have the ability to transfer to other exciting locations, plus if you become a regional manager you will be traveling to a number of different hotels/facilities. 

The one downfall about this approach is that it can take a bit of time before you make it into one of those regional management positions. You won’t likely get to travel right from the start.

A Recruiter


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Another career within the business industry that is heavy on travel is a recruiter. As a recruiter your job is to find skilled, experienced, and talented people for your client. That means traveling to find these people. It could be within the country or internationally. This job is very heavy on travel and you will likely be on the road more than you are home.

Getting Paid to Travel


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It’s hard to believe you can get paid to travel but that’s exactly the case with all of the jobs mentioned above. It doesn’t stop there either, as a career in business provides people with all kinds of opportunities for travel.


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