8 Camping Sites in Kasol for A Magical Vacation

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It is boring to work five or six days a week, do laundry on Saturday and then go out on Sunday. You need a vacation to get through the months filled with loads of work, deadlines, and meetings. But, you know what is even more boring? Planning a trip to some bewitching place and not doing it enough justice by not exploring the depths of its exquisite beauty. What is the fun in staying at a cozy, comfortable hotel where the staff is always ready to cater to your every need? Why take a vacation if you are not going to come out of your comfort zone? Now, you must be wondering, what this girl is rambling about.

You need to plan a vacation to Kasol and stay at camping sites in Kasol to understand what I am talking about. It is a lovely, little Himalayan village near Kullu in India. Away from all the urban encroachments and nearer to the hearts of tourists, visiting Kasol can be an unforgettable experience if you decide to push your personal boundaries a bit.

Being a girl who loves the comfort of a hotel, I can understand why you are hesitant to stay in a tent. But, believe me, you will thank me after waking up to a misty morning in unspoiled corners of Parvati Valley. Staying in a tent may not always be comfortable but it will definitely be a lot more exciting. Take a look at this list of campsites and I am sure you will book a tent.

1. Kheerganga Trekking Camps

Kheerganga Trekking Camps near Kasol

Image Source: Booking.com

If you are a budget-traveller, then Kheerganga Trekking camps are perfect for you. Located on the slopes of mighty mountains, surrounded by pine trees, you will come closer to nature while staying here. You do not have to worry about setting up a tent or its safety. People managing the place are the ones to take care of these things. All you have to do is step out of your comfort zone and step in a tent! It is a great place for those who are looking for weekend getaways from Delhi. It is easy to reach and a lot more exhilarating than anything you have ever done before.0.

Where? - Kheerganga Village

What's coolest? - Variety of Asian cuisine is served for a breakfast

How much? - Rs. 999 per bed per night

What's free? - Washrooms

What's the Check-In? - 1.30PM - 7PM

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2. IYC Camps Kasol

IYC Camps Kasol - riverside camping fun

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Spacious, colorful tents set up near a waterfall will instantly take your breath away. No matter which tent you chose, you will be accompanied by stunning vistas all around. As the site is on the riverside, you can walk for few minutes and find yourself in the heart of nature. There cannot be a greater lullaby than the sound of cascading river water. Step on a soft grass in the morning and let a cool breeze take your stress away. Visit a small restaurant on the premises and pamper your taste buds with delicious food. Or if you want to cook yourself, use their BBQ facility by paying minimum charges. If you are travelling with kids, they can run around here and enjoy on a well-maintained playground.

Where? - Kasol - Manikaran highway

What's coolest? - You can watch the night sky filled with stars by sitting on the patio attached to every tent.

How much? - Approximately Rs.1000 

What's free? - Bathrooms and parking

What's the Check-In? - 11AM onwards

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3. Jalpa Camp

Jalpa Camp - camping with your pets

Image Source: Booking.com 

If you are someone who loves travelling with your four-pawed friends, then you should book a tent at Jalpa Camp. Why not take your pet with you when you are going to such a beautiful place? There are few accommodations in Kasol which are pet-friendly.

The tents are safe and comfortable. Coming back to such a lovely place after a tiring trek is enough to complete a perfect day. You may find some really interesting friends amongst fellow-campers here. Talk with the owner and he will help you in exploring the woods. Parvati river is only 5 minutes away. You can go here at any time and sit on the banks. Let the tranquility of water wash over you and let it soothe your soul. Staying away from a city in a tent now sounds enticing, right?

Where? - Kasol

What's coolest? - Specially arranged outside dining area will give you a chance to enjoy unconventional romantic dinner

How much? Staring from Rs. 1000 per night

What's free? - Bathrooms

What's the Check-In? - 7AM - 8PM

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4. Parvati Woods Camps

Parvati Woods Camps - backpacking to Kasol

Image Source: Booking.com

Parvati Woods Camp is one of the popular camping places in Kasol and is favourite amongst budget-travellers and backpackers. Close to the main road yet away from all the chaos, this is the place where you will find peace. Large site spread over a mountain slope has many surprising recreational activities to offer. Playing badminton on a ground surrounded by Himalayan forest or playing boards games with your loved ones on a leisurely evening will be a memorable experience. There is also a small library on the premises. What can be more pleasurable than finding a good book while staying at an alluring place? If you are interested in hiking, then the owner will be your ideal guide.

Where? - Kasol

What's coolest? You can learn how to set-up a tent here.

How much? - Rs.1500 per night per tent

What's free? - Parking and bathrooms

What's the Check-In? - 12PM - 8PM

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5. Campin' Wild

Campin' Wild near Kasol

Image Source: Booking.com   

Located a little away from Kasol, this camp is for those who are looking forward to soothing their soul and de-clutter their mind. Campin' Wild is one of the few places to offer yoga classes and a fitness center. If this is not your cup of tea, then rent a bicycle and go on the winding roads disappearing in the mountains. If you are looking for camps in Kasol to spend an atypical honeymoon, this place also has a bridal suite. Come back to good food after a tiring day as the restaurant here has a wonderful buffet. 

Where? - Chhorang

What's coolest? - Glance out of a tent and enjoy a view of a rushing river 

How much? - Starting from Rs. 2,160

What's free? - Bathrooms

What's the Check-In? - From 1PM onwards

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6. Johny Camping Trekking

Johny Camping Trekking

Image Source: Booking.com 

Visiting this small Himalayan village has its own perks. There are numerous adventure activities in Kasol making it a paradise for the outdoor person. You can enjoy these recreational activities to the fullest while staying at Johny Camping Trekking. It is located near the Tosh River in the shadow of Budhavan glacial mountain. Trekking, hiking, water sports, and swimming will keep you engaged for a whole time. Snow-covered peaks, rocky patches, grass fields and dense forests are tiring and thrilling at the same time. The staff here will help you in planning these activities. They also plan evening entertainment where you can mingle with other campers.  

Where? - Near Tosh village

What's coolest? - A small waterpark on the premises is perfect for kids.

How much? staring from Rs. 2,400 per night

What's free? - Mosquito nets, newspaper and bathrooms

What's the Check In? - 9AM onwards

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7. Nature's Outpost Camps

Nature's Outpost Camps

Image Source: Booking.com

If you are looking for places to stay in Kasol and are not getting anything according to your choice, then try Nature's Outpost Camps. Though situated a little away from Kasol, you will still get a chance to soak yourself in the local culture. Spacious tents with carpeted floors and clean bathrooms are the identity of this site. Do you want breakfast in bed? Does your child want to play on a well-kept ground? Do you want to bask in the Sun and relax for hours? Then this place is your answer! The panoramic landscape surrounding your tent look picturesque. You will find it hard to stop clicking pictures. 

Where? - Near Naggar castle

What's coolest? - Don’t worry about your diet as you can get special diet menu here. 

How much? Approximately Rs. 3000 per night

What's free? - WiFi and parking

What's the Check-In? - From 1PM onwards

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8. Kasol Camps 

Kasol Camps - stay in comfortable tents

Image Source: Booking.com

If you are still hesitant about staying in a tent, this campsite is for you. Kasol Camp offers the comfort of a hotel in the heart of nature with a feel of raw camping. You can stay in a large tent and listen to the sound of Parvati River rushing nearby. If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you will find this site great. There are specially designed picnic areas and BBQ sites. If you are travelling with family, this will surely prove beneficial. The staff is courteous and will help you in settling down. There are water sports activities, nightclub, DJ along with some evening entertainment. It is okay if switching off your cell phone, staying in mountains, and completely isolating yourself from a city for some days is not your thing. You can find the perfect balance here which will let you enjoy a vacation in your way.

Where? - Manikaran road

What's coolest? - Hot spring bath and outdoor fireplace, what else you need to relax?

How much? Staring from Rs. 6,000

What's free? - Parking

What's the Check-In? - From 1PM onwards

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If the mountains are calling your name, if you are eager to sleep under the stars and wake up to the sound of birds chirping around you, then join the club of backpackers! Let Kasol welcome you with open arms and let yourself fall in love with this mesmerizing land.

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