Cannabis Tourism In Colorado

"I was gonna clean my room until I got high
I was gonna get up and find the broom but then I got high
My room is still messed up and I know why
'Cause I got high”
A laid back afternoon in your room, this song playing on your phone, absolutely no hurry to go anywhere and great stuff at your disposal; that’s the scene you might be familiar with.
Now, imagine an idyllic setting under the sky, wind in your hair and you get to ‘ride the snake’; inviting enough? 
If you thought that getting high had to be confined to the privacy of your own home or anyplace where chances of ‘getting caught’ were too low, here’s good news! 
After the Mexican desert, the pot pilgrimages of Amsterdam and the Peruvian rainforest, United States is where you can go for a trippy vacation.
Say hello to Cannabis Tourism.
This is can be considered a positive move. Apart from the recreational and anti-depressant properties of weed; legalising it and promoting it in a form of tourism is accepting a human’s liberty on a different level. Unlike smoking cigarettes, Marijuana is medicinal and has multiple proven benefits for health. Promoting Cannabis Tourism is also a step to control its use and will eliminate the black market and the unfair criminalization that surrounds it. 
The state of Colorado became the first state in the USA to legalise recreational Marijuana in the year of 2012. Since then, if you are anything above 21, you can legally buy it for personal use. Of course, you can’t smoke it in public but there’s a better, a more preferable alternative introduced, which is gaining more and more popularity- the cannabis dispensaries.   
Unlike what you might imagine, these are not roadside head shops, but plush, sit down places where a ‘budtender’ serves you excellent combinations and suggests the best variety according to your liking. Taking you for a ride (literally), these places are also serving food and drinks infused with small batches of Marijuana. 
Jalapeno Cannabis poppers for starters, cannabis-infused blueberry lemonade to sip on, Oyster Burrata with a batch of green for mains and citrus and vanilla crme brûlée (again with some greens) for desert; who isn’t drooling?
While few other states like Alaska, Oregon and Washington have relaxed their laws, no one does it well like Colorado!
Taking Cannabis tourism to an absolutely new level, there are even websites like ‘Bud and Breakfast’ and ‘travelTHC’ that are offering exclusive packages where you can stay in and smoke with other stoners. Plenty of cannabis dispensaries are presenting high-end thematic decors and introducing activities like Ganja Yoga (yes, it’s a thing!).
Soon, Colorado will also see the opening of its first ever ‘weedery’ (a marijuana plantation where enthusiasts can take a tour (like a winery tour) including information on how it is cultivated; pretty educative, isn’t it!
Meanwhile, you can start planning your trip to Colorado to enjoy a great high on the beautiful Rocky Mountains and term yourself as a weed connoisseur. 

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