Checkist of Car and Bike Accessories For Long Roadtrips

By Jai Rawat on Feb 24, 2016
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For Bikes:

I remember when I was planning a road trip with my friends in college, we knew no Sh** about road trips and thought, you know, how hard can it be! The answer was given to us by the road itself. Let me put it into a better context, it’s like when life gives you a cookie and you are all like "Thank you, life!” and then life goes like," I am taking the cookie back, and also I am going to kick you in the shins!” .  It’s true that a road trip with your friends is a good idea and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but you know what’s a better idea? Actually making sure that you are ready for the trip because trust me, going on a road trip is no joke! So take a lesson my friend and prepare yourself because in the end it’s just you, your bike and the clear road.

Windshields are a boon

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Windshields are a must for long road trips, period. If you ask why? Ask yourself this, would I like to taste the bugs on the road with a side crunch of dirt. If No is your answer then getting a Windshield that shields your face is a good idea. I know when people think about road trips it’s all about that skull bandana and face mask but always remember there is a swarm of bees and other really nasty insects all along the way. And the Facemask thing works if you are in the city driving around, on an actual road trip it’s like taking a spoon to a sword fight! In short stupid!

Check your wheel balancing

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For those who have customized Harleys or royal Enfield, Firstly, *high five, okay now you need to take care that your wheel balancing is just right! Wheel balancing is perhaps the most important aspect of your bike. Be good to your bike and she will treat you well, try screwing with her and suddenly it’s just you and the road but this time no bike. But don’t worry you have the scorching heat to accompany you and who doesn’t love tans huh? PS. Please take care of your bike before you go for your next short road trip.

Because technology is good

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If you are planning a long trip make sure that you are fully equipped with a GPRS and there are helmets which have Bluetooth, so you can play music or just talk on the phone.Don't plan to get lost? Well try Triphobo's trip plannerDo not get carried away with movies that say "Live free! No technology”, while it may sound like a hip thing to do, in reality, technology is better and anyways we are the tech generation not hippies.  So if anyone tells you that carrying a GPRS is not cool tell them, "Ok grandpa!” and take it anyway.

Shock Absorbers

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The road is full of unexpected turns, twists and government negligence (Potholes). So make sure that you have a good shock absorber on your bike. If you don’t have a good one, get one installed. I had one when I was travelling, my friend did not have a proper one, what happens next, nothing much other than the fact that he carried a pillow to sit on; everywhere he went after the trip.

Back rest

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While your bike may be comfortable enough it’s always good to Pimp up your ride! What I mean by that is getting a back rest is freaking awesome! Long rides require you to take long breaks, to stretch your legs and back and for the occasional pee break. A back rest will go a long way in supporting your back which is surely going to kill you after all the long hours if you don’t have a back rest.

For Cars:

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Whenever I hear the word road trips my mind automatically goes to the Mahindra Ad Live young, Live free. I mean how cool is it to have a trip with your best friends and your booming cars. That’s the dream my friend, that’s the dream! But here are some modifications you should probably think about.

Good quality suspension

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A Good quality suspension is just what you need, for those unexpected turns and dangerous roads. So basically a good suspension is something you would want to invest in. It is also really important for your safety and the people sitting behind you.

The Engine

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Consider it the heart of the car, so if there is a problem with your engine get it fixed, period! If you are planning to go on a long drive make sure you have the right modifications. Changes to the ECU, headers, and cold air intakes are a must depending on where you are going. It’s important to get these modifications done as it makes your ride smooth and also that you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Sahara desert wondering what went wrong.


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In general no car is actually made to survive every road or weather condition but it’s a good idea to modify it for your next trip. Get some good tires depending on your destination. So make sure you have durable tires, also a car with a flat tire is like an ex-wife, just sits there and costs you money.

Technology strikes again!

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You can make your car much friendlier by adding a few essentials like a Bluetooth device connected to your phone. They are handy, reliable and most importantly they help you concentrate on the drive. Get a GPRS installed even if you know the way. It’s better to be double sure than to land up in a man Vs. Wild situation.

Make your ride as comfortable as you want

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If you are planning not to stay at any hotel and just drive around, (I highly advice against that) but if you are one of those people who just don’t give a flying F*** then, ride on! But for people who love their body and would not like a sprain in the middle of the trip, getting customized seats is a good idea. Need a place to crash, try Triphobo hotels and you will not regret it.

So these were some tips to help you along the way, travel freely but responsibly and most importantly enjoy the journey. So as they say” Travel far enough you meet yourself”.

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