Top Casinos In Alberta To Take Your Lady Luck On A Spin

By Ketki Hanamshet on Feb 04, 2020
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Speak of Alberta, the lovely province in Canada, and you will remember mountains, dense coniferous forests, prairies, desert badlands, and all things beautiful. While you can explore the province’s nature by the day, step into its casinos by night to collect the best of gambling experiences. From casinos that are a part of luxurious resorts to stand-alone gambling destinations, Alberta has it all. Take a look at these top casinos in Alberta and decide whether you want to take your lady luck on a spin.

1. Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, Calgary

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Grey Eagle Resort and Casino is one of the best gambling destinations in Alberta to enjoy an exciting table game. The gaming floor of this casino sums up a whopping 84,000 square feet area. It features more than 900 slot machines and 24 table games, leaving you spoilt for choice. Along with a 24/7 poker room, the casino also has a high limit special room that comes along with a number of amenities. Here you will find 5 tables of Blackjack, 7 tables of EZ-Baccarat With Dragon & Panda, and 1 table of Pai Gow Tile. So when you are in Calgary, Alberta, do stop at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino to spin your luck.

2. River Cree Resort & Casino

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River Cree Resort & Casino is your best bet in Edmonton, Alberta, to experience the thrill of gambling. Step on to the gaming space of this casino and you will find 1350 slot machines and 40 table games under one roof. If you are interested in an action-packed poker game, then take a seat at one of the 12 tables in the casino’s poker room. The casino has also expanded to accommodate a smoke-friendly room called Ember which features 405 slot machines and 14 table games. In between the games, you can take a break to dine at any one of the 5 restaurants here to have a scrumptious meal.

3. Deerfoot Inn & Casino

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Visit Deerfoot Inn & Casino to collect one of the most immersive gambling experiences in Alberta. This casino in Calgary offers something for everyone, be it a first-time gamer or a seasoned player. There are a total of 814 exciting slot machines and 27 live-action table games. Enter its Replay Arena and enjoy playing electronic roulette, baccarat and blackjack, Fortune Cup electronic horse racing, and many newer slot games. Besides, there is also a poker room and high limit fortune room here to take the game a notch higher.

4. Camrose Resort Casino

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With 200 slot machines and 12 table games, Camrose Resort Casino is a gambling hub to bet on your life! It also has a dedicated poker area with 6 tables for those seeking the thrill of Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Roulette, and Blackjack Switch. Step onto its gaming floor since the time it opens at 10 in the morning and continue to be a part of enthralling games until the wee hours. Although it is considered to be one of the newest casinos in Alberta, Camrose Resort Casino has been attracting a lot of visitors ever since its opening.

5. Pure Casino Yellowhead

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Experience the vibrant nightlife of Edmonton in Alberta by visiting Pure Casino Yellowhead. This is a one-stop destination to try your hand at a variety of casino games. This gambling house in Alberta has more than 700 latest slot machines, 24 video lottery terminals, and 27 live-action table games of more than 5 different varieties. Pure Casino Yellowhead also has a total of 12 poker tables. In between the games, do not forget to take a break and grab a drink at its Retro Bar.

6. Elbow River Casino

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Elbow River Casino is a gambling place for the casual gamer as well as the seasoned enthusiast. It features more than 600 slot machines, ranging in denominations starting as low as a penny to one dollar. Take a seat at one of the tables in its 24/7 poker room for a thrilling game of Texas Hold’em. If not, you can always enjoy a classic Vegas-style table game of Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, or Tile Pai Gow. One of the most unique features of the Elbow River Casino is its large venue for screening horse races, making it the only place in Calgary for off-track betting.

7. The Great Northern Casino

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Established in 1999, The Great Northern Casino has been attracting visitors ever since. It is not only a gambling destination in Alberta, but also an entertainment center that frequently hosts live bands, stand-up comedy, as well as karaoke. This is a Las Vegas-style casino with more than 400 slot machines, a special Video Lottery Terminal Room with 30 VLTs, and a variety of table games including Ultimate Texas Hold’em Progressive Jackpot, Chase The Flush, Free Bet Blackjack, and Three Card Poker Progressive Jackpot. The Platinum Lounge and Dining Room of the casino are always ready to serve delicious food and tasty drinks to the visitors.

8. Pure Casino Lethbridge

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Pure Casino in Lethbridge promises an exciting and entertaining time, starting from 2 PM and lasting until the early hours of 3 AM. It’s 13,000 square feet of gaming floor boasts to have more than 400 of the latest slot machines. Offering a mix of video poker, video slots, and electronic terminals, this gaming destination in Alberta has a good blend for players of all skill levels. Besides, it also has around 10 table games to gamble the classic Vegas style. While weekly tournaments are a highlight of Pure Casino in Lethbridge, it is also known for hosting some of the hottest entertainment shows.

9. Century Downs Racetrack and Casino

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Century Downs Racetrack and Casino is one of the only racinos in Alberta. Being one of the only two ‘A-level’ horse racing venues in Alberta, it offers 100 days of racing throughout the year. You can also experience the excitement of horse racing by sitting in the casino’s spacious off-track betting area. There are as many as 600 slot machines and 7 VLTs here, along with an electronic roulette to place your bets and win big. You can take a break in between all the betting to just relax in the casino’s casual lounge.

10. Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino

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Set amidst stunning landscape, gambling at the Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino can prove to be one memorable experience. Although the place primarily focuses on providing luxurious accommodation, the resort and casino don’t lack in entertaining the visitors who visit it for gambling. There are around 250 slot machines and a wide range of table games occupying the gaming floor of this casino. The casino also boasts to have a separate poker room along with a lounge for off-track betting. You can always enjoy the cocktails, free coffee, and tea provided throughout the casino as you bet in a game or two.

With this list of the best casinos in Alberta, get ready to put your luck to test!