15 Best Castles To Visit In Europe

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Magnificent. Eccentric. Dramatic! That’s how you define the castles in Europe in three words. These gigantic architectural masterpieces have so many stories of battles and quests to tell. So, the next time you’re planning a medieval vacation in Europe, then visiting these historic castles should top your priority list.
For your convenience, we have listed 15 best castles in Europe which will take you back in time and help in reliving the history! 

1. Windsor Castle, England


Source: Wikimedia

Even though our top pick is the most mainstream castle of the lot, but Windsor Castle in England is just supremely gorgeous. Built way back in 11th century, Windsor Castle has witnessed some tumultuous incidents, most prominently during the English Civil War. But get over the past and take some time to acknowledge the beauty of Windsor Castle. The castle is spread across 13 acres and is a summer residence for the Queen and the royal family. This one is also a photographer’s delight and the view from The Long Walk is just magnetic.   
Address: Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1NJ, United Kingdom
Ticket Price: 20 GBP

2. Prague Castle, Czech Republic 


Source: Wikimedia   

The largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle in the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Already registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, this castle is about 570 meters long and 130 meters wide. The stunning locales and great architecture will add to the overall experience. If you’re an avid gamer and have played Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb and  Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, then you can recall the link with Prague Castle.
Address: Prazsky Hrad, 119 08 Prague, Czech Republic
Ticket Price: 350 CZK

3. Predjama Castle, Slovenia


Source: Wikimedia   

Another ancient castle built way back in 1274 and too in Gothic style, Predjama Castle in Slovenia has been attracting tourists across the world, for years now! The extravagant castle which is now a museum was built under a rocky arch, only to make things difficult for the enemy forces. This one also featured in several film projects. Armour of God starring Jackie Chan being the most prominent one.
Address: Predjama, Slovenia
Ticket Price: €11.90/7.10

4. Bojnice Castle, Slovakia


Source: Wikimedia   

One of the most visited medieval castles in Slovakia, Bojnice Castle is not only a tourist destination but also a prime filming location for various fantasy movies. Built in the 12th century in true Renaissance style, Bojnice Castle also hosts various events like the International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits and the Summer Music Festivals. Moreover, the castle is surrounded by the castle park which also includes Bojnice zoo, one of the most popular zoos in Slovakia.
Address: Bojnice, Slovakia
Ticket price: NA 
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5. Veliki Tabor Castle, Croatia


Source: Wikimedia   

Croatia has some incredible attractions, which tourists can visit and Veliki Tabor Castle in Croatia is one of them. Already a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Veliki Tabor Castle is a perfect place to enjoy some breathtaking visuals. This one was built in the 12th century and currently, is owned by the state. Moreover, it has been turned into a museum, which will take you to the medieval times. 
Address: Kosnicki Hum 1, 49216, Desinic, Croatia.
Ticket Price: NA 

6. Lincoln Castle, England


Source: Wikimedia   

Once a home to William The Conqueror, Lincoln Castle is one of the better-preserved castles in the world. Constructed in 1608 in Lincolnshire, this castle was built on two mottes. Hence, adding to its unique elements. The castle also offers a stunning panoramic view of the city from its Norman walls. Hence, the next time you're in England, make sure you visit this great marvel.
Address: Castle Hill, Lincoln LN1 3AA, United Kingdom.
Ticket price: £16

7. Mont Saint-Michel Castle, France


Source: Wikimedia   

One of the most popular tourist destinations in France, Mont Saint-Michel Castle was once a pilgrimage site. Built across 100 hectares, Mont Saint-Michel is on a rocky peak and is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to France and not exploring this marvel, your trip will just be incomplete!
Address: Mont Saint-Michel, 50170, France
Ticket price: 2.80 €

8. Eger Castle, Eger


Source: Wikimedia  

Eger Castle in Eger, Hungary is one of the most popular destinations in the country and it's totally worth the hype. The castle was constructed in 1241 and is known for repelling the iconic Siege of Eger. Once a battlefield, today, Eger Castle has several museums. Egri Keptar and Kazamata being the most prominent ones.
Address: Eger, Var 1, 3300 Hungary
Ticket Price: 1400 HUF

9. Castle of Coca, Spain


Source: Wikimedia   

Castle of Coca in Spain was built in the 15th century and is considered to be one of the most incredible castles in Spain. Moreover, the Gothic and Mudejar style architecture will assure you an eye pleasing experience. Currently, the castle is transformed into a school and can be easily accessed by tourists. Guided tours can be taken easily, with tourist guides taking you back to the historic times.
Address: Camino Antigua Cauca Romaba, Coca, Segovia
Ticket Price: NA 

10. Peles Castle, Romania


Source: Wikimedia   

Peles Castle is more of a palace, but still this iconic structure is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. When in Romania, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit this amazing castle. Even though the guided tours are just for a few floors of the castle, still it is all worth it. 
Address: Aleea Peleșului 2, Sinaia 106100, Romania
Ticket Price: NA

11. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland


Source: Wikimedia

Scotland has many ancient marvels that are still standing tall and one such marvel is the stunning Eilean Donan Castle. Located on a small island near the village of Dornie, Scotland, the castle is very popular and every year, tourists flock in large numbers. Also regarded as the most photographed monuments in Scotland, this 13th-century construction is no less than an architectural masterpiece. The castle is open all year round except in the month of January, hence plan your visit accordingly.
Address:  Dornie, Kyle of Lochalsh IV40 8DX, UK
Ticket price:  £7.00

12. Hunyadi Castle, Romania


Source: Wikimedia   

Corvin Castle, an alternative name to the humongous Hunyadi Castle is one of the seven wonders of Romania and is easily one of the largest castles in Europe. Moreover, this one has everything which sums up for a quintessential castle. Tall towers, classic architecture, bastions, spectacular courtyards, and balconies with stunning views. If you’re traveling Romania, then visiting Hunyadi Castle is a must.
Address: Strada Castelului 1-3, Hunedoara 331141, Romania
Ticket price: 20 lei

13. Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria


Source: Wikimedia   

Located at an altitude of about 506 meters on a small hill in Salzburg, Austria, Hohensalzburg Castle is considered to be one of the largest medieval castles of Europe. Even though it was used as a prison for Nazi activists and Italian prisoners, but that doesn’t take away the fact that how beautiful this castle is! Already featured in Austria’s Great Abbeys, Hohensalzburg Castle is also considered to be one of the best-preserved castles in the world.
Address: Mönchsberg 34, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Ticket price: €11.30 

14. Castle Frankenstein, Germany


Source: Wikimedia   

Okay! So if you want to add a tinge of a thrill to your German trip, then Castle Frankenstein in Darmstadt is worth visiting. We’re saying this because the castle witnesses a lot of magnetic phenomena and the compasses don’t work here at all. Moreover, the castle also sees many ghost hunting activities. Truly, a perfect place for those with a heart of steel.
Address: Burg Frankenstein, 64367 Mühltal, Germany
Ticket price: Free of cost

15. Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany


Source: Wikimedia   

If you have seen Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, then you’ll definitely recognize this German wonder. Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany is one of the most visited castles in Europe. If you have a thing for contemporary architecture and still love to be old school, then Castle Neuschwanstein is a perfect place for you to visit. The reason being the spectacular amalgamation of both. This particular castle should be visited for the out of this world panoramic views.
Address:  Neuschwansteinstrae 20, 87645 Schwangau, Germany
Ticket price: €12
Hush..So much to experience and so much to explore! Then what are you waiting for? Get ready to get back in time!
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