7 Most Amazing Caves In The World

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Weve explored the planets, the space, stared out at the far reaches of the universe and into the past too. And yet amazingly, we keep discovering new things here on earth that we never knew existed. Caves are dark places but yet home to strange and vivid creatures, formed through years of erosion and the earths terrible shifting processes. These unexplored regions of the earth are great playgrounds for climbers , scientists and divers alike. And today we've put together some of the most mind-blowing caves that we do know exist on our beautiful planet Earth.

Here's a list of the most amazing caves around the world:


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The Orda cave is the longest underwater cave in Russia and, so far as we know, the only underwater gypsum cave anywhere in the world. At the waters surface the temperature ranges between 27F and -4F. Fifty six feet below it gets down to -10F. But this is strange. If the temperature is so low, shoudn't there be ice instead?! The cave is something over three miles, most of that underwater. Minerals act as a filter making the water incredibly clear, enabling divers to see ahead of them more than 50 yards.


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Son Doong, near the Laos-Vietnam border, is the biggest known cave in the world . It is 6 miles long (the discovered part, at least), and you could fit a 40 storey building inside, assuming youd thought to pack one on your Vietnamese jungle trek. To get to the cave visitors need climbing gear. And if you want to reach the floor, youll need to rappel 250 feet. However, the cave has not had many visitors.


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Any guesses what you would find in this cave? Yes , you're right. Glowworms! Glowworms are insects that glow in order to attract food and burn off waste. This particular glowworm is the Arachnocampa Luminosa, and its only found here inNew Zealand. This cave is the perfect home to these insects as they survive in damp dark places where their light can be seen .The attraction has a modern, largely designed wood visitor centre at the entrance. Also, there are organized tours that include a boat ride under the glowworms.

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Thousands of years of waves splashing against calcium carbonite sounds like an incredible process.And it is. Time and persistence have produced a breathtaking visual effect on the marble walls of these beautiful caves. The best thing about the Marble Caves is that you can only get to them by boat. And to reach the boat you have to take a plane from Santiago, then drive two hundred miles across dirt. So, would you take the efforts to visit this incredible cave? The sight that unfolds is undoubtedly worth all the trouble.


Have you been lucky enough to experience getting educated in a cave? Im guessing 'NO' unless you attended elementary school in Miao village in Chinas Guizhou Province. In 1984 , the Mid-Cave Primary school was opened by the local community and employed 8 teachers educating 186 students. However, it is a shame that the school had to be closed down because of government concerns that it was not a suitable environment for children to learn. What an unbelievable clssroom it would've been, isnt it?


Legend has it that locals once hid from Genghis Kahn in this cave. Today its a land of meditation for monks, since a Buddhist temple has been built on a cliff at the entrance. The cave is open for visitors to seek blessings of God, however only a few visitors are seen here.


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The Reed Flute Cave is a beautiful landmark and tourist attraction in China. One of Guilins most interesting attractions for over 1200 years, this natural limestone cave has multicolored lighting inside it. This cave is over 180 million years old and got its name from the type of reed growing outside, which can be made into melodious flutes. Reed Flute Cave is filled with a large number of stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations in strange yet wonderful shapes. Also you can witness more than 70 inscriptions written in ink, which can be dated back as far as 792 AD in the Tang Dynasty.

So, which of these caves do you plan to explore first?

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