Christmas Celebrations in San Jose

By Swathi Ramaswamy on May 08, 2018
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San Jose is a city in California surrounded by the rolling hills of Silicon Valley. The place is known for its population, food and architectural landmarks making it one of the most populous cities in California. When in California, don’t miss the Christmas Celebration in San Jose which is one of the most enjoyed celebrations across the world making sure each and every person in the city has a great time with their loved ones. 

Various events are being hosted during Christmas celebrations in San Jose. Some of them are a must visit, and the list of those events are mentioned below.

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1. Celebrate Christmas in the park

Christmas celebrations in the park are one of the best in San Jose wherein the people can come from different parts of the United States for free of cost and enjoy the rides, plays, shopping, foods and drinks with their loved ones. The place is famous for the creamy hot chocolate which is highly recommended by the travellers of this place along with the huge Christmas tree which is lighted up with different colour LED lights making it one of the best spots for clicking selfies and pictures. During the entire week of Christmas celebrations, the place is open to the public for an entire week from 9:00 am onwards till 12:00 am. 

2. Experience the beauty of Bethlehem with different plays and performances

The experience at this place is utterly mesmerising as the people can enjoy the performances, which begins with the three men and live animals entertaining everyone at the start of the program followed by plays and other enactments from the actors which will make everyone laugh and thrilled during the performances giving the people an experience of Family’s Annual Christmas Tradition. Everyone visiting this place should make sure to book themselves with the tickets for the show well in advance so that they can enjoy the performances along with the snacks and drinks provided to them during the Bethlem show.

3. Fantasy of Lights at Vasona Lake County Park

This event takes place during Christmas from 6:00 p.m. till 10 p.m. onwards during the entire week of the Christmas celebrations where people, along with their families and friends, can come down to the Vasona Lake County Park in San Jose with their cars as they will be provided with parking zone to make sure that they can enjoy the lighting all over the place where the Christmas tree, Reindeer and other Christmas things are made with the help of the LED lights making people enthralled with the beauty of the place. There are no entry fees for the place as people can come here for free of cost.

4. Enjoy the traditions of Christmas at Great American Winterfest

Winterfest is the most immersive traditions of Christmas in California’s San Jose where the entire place gets transformed during the month of November and December in the winter wonderland along with different holiday activities which include live lightening show which displays the magnificent lights in the outdoor with huge Christmas Trees. Different Shows are being performed by the fine artists so that everyone can have an understanding of the show and also enjoy them thoroughly. More than 25 kinds of rides are present at the place along with Santa’s workshop and Mrs. Claus Kitchen. People can either avail season pass or daily tickets, depending upon their frequent visits to the place.

5. Take part in tree lighting ceremony at Nile festivals of lights

This event takes place at Niles Boulevard Fremont in California wherein the people can enjoy the tree lighting ceremony with a parade of people walking in the front of you with the spectacular representation of the festival. Despite these, the children can also have fun by going on the slides designed especially for them to play along with other activities which include marching bands, martial arts, Christmas tree decoration and many more. Even the kids can buy themselves with toys which are being sold by the vendor carts running all over the place so that they can make their Christmas even more special. Food and shopping stalls are also there over the place where the people can enjoy snacks and have drinks with their companions so that they can enjoy every bit of the light festival apart from the lighting of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Reindeer and his slate.

Make sure to visit all these events which are held every year during Christmas Celebrations in San Jose so that the people can have fun and not feel bored during Christmas making sure to enjoy all these things with their families and friends. For places which require tickets, make sure that booking is made well in advance so as to prevent any kind of last minute commotion.

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