Which Character Are You From "Friends" When Travel Planning?

By Gaurav Tembe on Jan 08, 2019
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Do you binge watch Friends every time you get a chance? Is your job a joke? Are you broke? Is your love life D.O.A? Well then, you must know the individualities and eccentricities of each of the characters perfectly! Do you also love travelling? Do you want to know which Friends character you'd turn into during your journeys? We are here to tell you! Match your traits and find out which of the Friends character you're most like: 

friends tv show characters

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1. You're Monica When

You know where all your travel documents are right now. You're an organised and meticulous packer. You have a travel planner because you don't want to leave anything to chance. When there's a trip to be planned, You're way ahead of everybody and have already printed out the itineraries which you will follow to the T. You're Monica and you're the most organised, self-reliant traveller of the group.

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2. You're Chandler When

When you're uncomfortable, you make jokes. And that's basically all the time during a vacation because you're just not in an environment that you're at home in. You annoy your friends during the holiday by being snarky and sarcastic. You would never ever take a solo trip but enjoy going on a holiday if it's just you and your loved ones. Because meeting new people makes you nervous. Could you BE more like Chandler? 

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3. You're Rachel When

 Even if you're going for a weekend getaway, you pack half your wardrobe because, umm, fashion. You also have a separate suitcase only for your shoes. You have to be reminded again and again about packing, but you still leave it till the last minute and everybody has to help. You dont really care about where you're going, as long as you can relax and have tons of fun!

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4. You're Ross When

You just wish that wherever you're going, there are interesting museums to visit. Or better still: a theme park with dinosaurs! When your friends have decided on a place, you'll read up before visiting so you can wow (bore) them with all the facts you know. You thrive on complimentary breakfasts and load up on hotel amenities like it's your last day on earth. You're not afraid to make a fool of yourself because YOU WERE ON A BREAK! 

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5. You're Phoebe When

You're the hipster of the group. You're all about spontaneous trips where you can just drag your friends along. You're a complete mystery, even to your friends. You carry your guitar along for the trip and sing songs until everyone is sick of you. You're all about new experiences and meeting new people and you wear your heart on your sleeve. Hi Phoebe! Or should I say Regina Phalange?

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6. You're Joey When

As long as you get to see good looking people and there's scrumptious food on the menu, you don't care about where you're going. Forget clothes, if you could, you'd carry a suitcase full of food with you. You're flirtatious and you definitely catch the eye of the opposite gender even during your trips. You'd have one of your friends sponsoring your trip, or at least your meals because you're always broke. How you doin, Joey? 

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