Secrets Of The Infamous Hollywood Hotspot: Hotel Chateau Marmont

Whether we would admit or not, Hollywood and its various stars fascinate us. We revel in private information about celebritieswe like to hear about what they do and where they go, even when theyre busy trying hard not to be famous. Our collective fascination with celebrities is so severe, in fact, that there is an actual psychological disorder called Celebrity Worship Syndrome. We follow the lives of these larger-than-life-figures with voyeuristic enthusiasm, living vicariously through their love lives, successes and failures. Its no wonder then that gossip columns do so well. We love to love them, and love to loathe them. And it is a guilty secret that not many of us would divulge in polite companywe also love to emulate them.

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Chateau Marmont is one of those legendary hotels that has not just been graced by the presence of many celebrities, but many famous books, movies, dramas, and compositions have been produced within its walls. From Tim Burton, Charles Buckowski, John Belushi (who famously died here after injecting himself with intravenous drugs), to Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Degeneresa number of celebrities have stayed at this famed boutique hotel at one point or the other. Lana Del Rey has alluded to this hotel in many of her songs including Off to the Races from the album Born to Die. Robert De Niro has been known to lock himself up in the hotels penthouse for extended periods. Chateau Marmont has always been a Hollywood favourite.

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What is most interesting about this stately hotel is that it has always been a target for the gossip rags. Perhaps it is the thick scent of history that permeates the air, or the feeling of isolation within those thick castle-like walls, but the chateau not only acts as a means to an end for hush-hush hook-ups, it inspires them. As Sandra Bullock poignantly put it, No wonder people come here to have affairs - its got that air of history, where you know a lot of people did things they werent supposed to do.  AM Homes writes in her book Los Angeles The hotels reputation as the place to go to misbehave dates back to the days of the Motion Picture Code of the 1930s and the purity seal of 1934...The famous example being Harry Cohn, head of Columbia Pictures, telling two of his randiest young stars, William Holden and Glenn Ford: If you must get into trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont.

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This charming hotel, steeped in history and scandal, is as a part of Hollywood as any studio or actor, perhaps even more so. It has a personality of its own, one which is discreet and exuberant, bold and bashful, powerful and dynamic. The Chateau offers 63 rooms and suites, and if youre one of those people whose day can be made by a discreet picture of a celebrity enjoying a quiet dinner, we recommend a stay, or even a meal at this infamous Hollywood hotspot.