Cheap Beach Destinations in Europe for Budget Travelers

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Sep 11, 2018
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Looking for cheap beach holidays in Europe? Well, it’s not as difficult as it seems. While the beaches like Mykonos in Greece and Positano in Italy adorn the bucket list of the people who can spend anything for their beach vacation, there are some beach destinations that can bring a smile on the faces of budget travelers. 

What makes a beach destination cheap are the prices of food and drinks and other necessary items that you require for a beach holiday. The beaches of the Algarve, Marmaris, Corfu, and Crete are some of the beautiful coastal gems that come at affordable prices. 

Wouldn’t you like to explore the incredible beauty of European shores in the budget? From Portugal to Spain, here is the list of cheap beach destinations in Europe! You can also check the estimated budget (excluding the flights and accommodation). 

1. The Algarve, Portugal


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Estimated budget: £70 ($81)

Famous for its whitewashed fishing villages, fascinating culinary scenes, and lush green cliffs, the Algarve region of Portugal should be on your list of must-visit beach destinations, especially when you are looking for cheaper ones. While the beaches of the Algarve are marked by the Michelin-starred restaurants, there are some eateries where the cost of food is extremely affordable. 

The water sports on this action-packed beach destination is also available at a reasonable price. The sun shines brightly throughout the year on the beaches of the Algarve making it ideal for tourists.


2. Corfu, Greece


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Estimated budget: £91 ($105.4)

A beach-heaven for photographers, the island of Corfu in Greece also comes in the cheap beach getaways in Europe. The rugged mountainous landscapes of Corfu with its fairly mild weather attracts many people from around the world. 

While the beaches of Santorini and Rhodes offer the best of luxuries to the tourists, Corfu shares a friendly and budget affair. The lively beach resorts of Corfu make it perfect for a beach party, and they are also affordable. And if you are here during the off-season, you can also grab beach vacation deals to stay in its sugar cube villas. 

3. Marmaris, Turkey


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Estimated budget: £60 ($69.43)

The pine-forested mountains, vibrant nightlife scenes, and fun-filled water parks near the coast make Marmaris a must-visit spot during the European beach vacation. You will find plenty of all-inclusive budget hotels in Marmaris that will make your beach holidays stress-free. 

This port city of Turkey is famous as a sailing and diving destination and its Mediterranean climate attracts a large number of people to spend their winter beach holidays here. 

4. Porec, Croatia


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Estimated budget: £106 ($122.66)

The gorgeous country of Croatia is also home to some of the affordable beach destinations in Europe, Porec being the most popular amongst the budget travelers. The town of Porec is known for its Byzantine buildings, water sports activities, scenic waterways, and beautiful camping areas. 

The stalactite formations found in its caves also make it a wonderful destination for explorers. The best thing about Porec is that even the cheapest hotels in the city will have amenities like pools and amazing views from the balcony. You just have to apply your bargaining skills while roaming through the old town. 

5. Crete, Greece


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Estimated budget: £82 ($94.89)

If you are looking for quiet holiday destinations in Europe, Crete can be a great choice. It is surrounded by the rugged terrain of Mount Ida, which is said to be the birthplace of the Greek god Zeus. 

Since most of the people come to Crete to explore the Bronze Age settlement in the heart of the city, its beaches share a sense of solitude most of the time. With cheap food varieties at the roadside taverns, Crete can be a low-price beach vacation for you. 

6. Costa del Sol, Spain


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Estimated budget: £72 ($83.32)

Located in the southern part of Spain, Costa del Sol is lovingly called the “sun coast” of Spain. This coastal gem of Spain is famous for its rocky beaches and the fried fish dish called pesca'to, which you can enjoy at really affordable prices. 

What draws a large number of people to Costa del Sol are its all-inclusive cheap resorts and golf courses. Costa del Sol is also home to Costa Natura, the first naturalist village or nudist colony in Spain. 

7. Limassol, Cyprus


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Estimated budget: £116 ($134.23)

Known for the majestic Limassol Castle, the city of Limassol in Cyprus is amongst one of the beach destinations that you are looking for cheap ocean getaways. Limassol is one of the ancient cities and this you can see clearly at its attractions like the Cyprus Medieval Museum, Prokymea Sculpture Park, and Limassol Archaeological Museum. 

Limassol is blessed with a long stretch of beaches with clear waters as well as a number of beach restaurants and cafes that offer everything at an affordable price. 

8. Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag), Bulgaria


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Estimated budget: £43 ($49.76)

This resort town on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast is where you can grab some warm vacation deals and go for an adventurous beach holiday. Sunny Beach or Slanchev Bryag is known for its sandy stretch and plenty of water sports activities that it offers. 

Close to the beach, there is a paintball park, a water park, as well as a go-kart track to add more fun to your vacation. Sunny Beach is also a perfect destination for beach parties. You just have to be here in right time to get discount on various things!

9. Menorca, Spain


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Estimated budget: £75 ($86.79)

Spain offers some of the cheap beaches in Europe and one of these is Menorca. With its untouched beauty, trails lined by olive trees, and rustic background, Menorca is the place to see the first sunrise of Spain. 

Menorca is also blessed with the second largest harbor in the world where you will find a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and shopping corners- all at a reasonable cost. There are a number of cheap and less-discovered resorts near the beaches of Menorca. 

10. Nice, France


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Estimated budget: £114 ($131.92)

The fifth largest city in France, Nice houses many points of interest that assure you a great beach time within your budget. The city was discovered by the Greeks and has been a haven for the artists. 

The best thing about it is that you can go for a bicycle tour in Nice, taste the best of French cuisine on the beaches, and stay at the hostels or go camping near the beach at really cheap prices. The transportation service is also available at an affordable rate here. 

With a list of these awesome beach destinations in Europe and some cheap vacation packages available there, budget holidays in Europe’s beautiful coast is not a dream anymore. Where are you heading to then?

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