Budget Vacation Destinations For Americans In 2017

Ahoy the people of America! 2017 is the year of a strong dollar and in-turn a lot of travel. If budget has been keeping you off the road, here’s the good news! Dust off the bags, bring out the cameras and bruise your passports for good, 2017 is the year of cheap vacations.

The dollar has gotten strong and with the currencies of many countries crashing for various reasons, there could have been no better time to travel.

From long-term travellers to occasional vacationers, we’ve listed the best places to travel for the Americans on budget. While some of these destinations have always been cheaper, there are few new entries that will get you excited to travel, right now!


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Asian destinations, especially the one in South-east Asia have always been budget destinations for Americans. Apart from the expensive flights, South-East Asian countries continue to be inexpensive, costing even lesser than an exotic domestic vacation for Americans.

Strong local dollar, plenty of natural attractions (that are free) and extremely affordable food and stay makes Vietnam one of the all-time favourite. While Cambodia is also a cheap destination for Americans, the increasing popularity of Bali has made it slightly on the expensive side, if you opt to stay in the touristy-resorts. Because of the poor economy and earthquake, Nepal continues to be a cheaper destination. Thailand is also a great option, especially if you opt to stay in budget hostels. For more exotic locations like Krabi, expect to pay a little more. India is a cheap destination, but staying at resorts or 5-star hotels in not cheaper anymore and the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur are more expensive than before.  Although, the food and shopping in India is really inexpensive, making it great for a vacation. Monsoon is an off season for South-east Asian countries, so if you don’t mind the rainfall, head here in monsoon for the cheapest deals and comparatively lesser crowds.


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Although South Africa is getting more expensive day by day, 2017 might be a safe bet to visit the country including the most expensive destination of Cape Town. From private villas to fine dining, Cape Town is one of the prettiest places that you can visit on the budget. Plus, the lot of free hikes and beaches means more savings! Egypt and Morocco are also cheap to visit in the year of 2017, provided you are able to save yourself from the touristy traps (read expensive) at Egypt. Egypt’s currency went down dramatically in the year 2016 and if this continues, it will be one of the cheapest destinations for the Americans for the next few years.


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Europe has never been cheaper for Americans. But thanks to the Brexit, the Euro isn’t as strong as before which means, a European vacation will cost you as much a domestic vacation, except the flights. But few countries in Europe are actually cheaper than a local vacation and this is perhaps a great time to visit them. Topping the list is Greece, followed by Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. Eastern Europe continues to be cheaper and if you like exploring the old countryside and villages that look like they’ve taken out straight from the pictures, this is your place to-be. In western Europe, Portugal seems the right fit for a medium budget.

The Americas:

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Closer home, South American destinations like Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador are great for a visit. The dollar is super strong and everything is inexpensive! Central American places like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras are safe choices for a budget trip as compared to the swanky Belize and Costa rice. Argentina can also be done on budget, but it is not really a cheap destination. The currency of Mexico has dropped almost to half making it one of the cheapest destinations to visit, especially the smaller towns! A surprise entry to the list is Canada, with its dollar hitting new lows, there could not be a better time to explore this beautiful country!

The general caution to plan a trip to these inexpensive destinations is to not opt for touristy hotels and activities, where you might end up paying more than you expected to.

What to Avoid:

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The countries of Australia and New Zealand are expensive, in fact, more than ever. As far as the countries like Italy, France and UK are concerned, having a cheap holiday in 2017 is difficult, but you can do them on a medium-high budget thanks to the almost equal to Euro USD. Singapore is also going to be expensive to travel to, in the year 2017.

Undoubtedly, 2017 is the best year to travel! Hop on the flight, hit the road and see more till the USD continues to rock!


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