Budget Destinations for Each Month of the Year

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I think the most common disorder found in people is that of Wanderlust. Yes, some may call it a pursuit or a hobby but we are always looking for a place where we can explore a little more of the place and bring back with us a memory of ourselves that cannot be recreated anywhere else. That is the thing with destinations, you as a person are different everywhere- in a way adjusting with where you are. The issue is that we do not always have our pockets full to experience the charm of each place in the world. That is the reason, why we have come up with a list of places that you can explore one month at a time and pay a lot lesser by travelling smart.

January - Start your year with auspicious lanes of India!

Photo by Dhirad CC BY SA 3.0

India is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Simply because the country as a whole does not experience the same kind of weather at any point. January is a great month to enjoy some piping hot snacks in the Delhi winter or roam around freely in the crowded roads of Mumbai. You can also visit the Taj Mahal and explore the backwaters of Kerala to your heart’s content. There is never a bad time to explore India. The North of the country comes a lot under budget for it is freezing with winter, but most of the times the winter is very pleasant. As compared to the mid of the year, where tourist season starts with summer holidays and all, January is the best option to explore the country as a whole.

February - Do the unconventional by paying a visit to the Eskimos!

Photo by Liam Quinn/ CC BY SA 2.0

Antarctica is not really considered to be a go to vacation spot, thanks to the image of Eskimos and Igloos that we have in our minds. But February is an ideal time to visit this beautiful continent and for cheap. At least, cheaper than the rest of the months. The flight tickets are slightly high but the accommodation at Paradise bay and King’s George Island is equal to heaven. The accommodation rates also fall at this time of the year and you will only have to spend a lot on getting here, the rest is pretty under the budget. Under the budget in terms of visiting Antarctica at any time in the rest of the months.

March - Explore the off beaten- Honduras and El Salvador!

Photoby José Alejandro lvarez Ramírez / CC BY 3.0

There is so much to see in Honduras, especially for wildlife lovers. Be it the La Tigra National Park, Gumbalimba Park, Pico Bonito National Park or the ruins of history where you can see so much. Everything from travel to accommodation to even food is decently priced here and in March, it becomes all the more reasonable. Even, the neighboring El Salvador highlights the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and is a lovely place to visit. March is a great time to visit because it is the transition period of one tourist season to another. March is more like the break in between the holidays and end of the year. Therefore, the ticket prices, rates, accommodation reach the peak of affordability at this time of the year.

April - Get a new wallet with all the money saved in the older one- Greece

Photo by Edward Dalmulder / CC BY 2.0

Greece’s economy has fallen like Jenga Tiles. That has not worked out well for the Greek, but very well for the rest of the World. Even though most famous of the islands are still quite expensive, destinations like Skiathos and Hydra are something you can definitely look at for planning a budget vacation. These islands are really beautiful and give you a Greek touch in the best way possible. Although, Santorini is not really one of the most budget options but in April most of the islands are. The weather is decently hot at this time and offers pleasant opportunities to tourists to explore.

May - Discover an enchanting love story with Ireland.

The Irish have something about them. Something unusual that is really attractive. That is probably the reason why most women have Ireland on their wish list at all times. Even though Dublin hostels are a great place to stay at; you need to compromise on the quality for a budget vacation. So the solution at such a time is visiting the amazing Dingle and Galway. Both of these have so much to offer and in a way you get a chance to explore a completely different side of Ireland. Basically, May is where you can get the best of deals in hotels and other places. Even the country side is blooming in this season and therefore it is the perfect time to visit Ireland.

June - Cut the crowds with these cities in Australia.

Photo by Frances 76

Melbourne and Sydney are considered to be the best that Australia has to offer. But, an amazing side of Australia can also be explored through the quaint Alice Springs, Launceston and Cairns. They are considered to be the 3 cheapest places to vacation in Australia and have lovely things to offer to you. You can explore the Red Centre, country’s interior desert region through Alice Springs. You can also enjoy tropical rain forests and a lively nightlife in Cairns. Launceston on the other hand has a wide range of Islands as well as city feels to offer to you. Bang in the middly of the year, where the rest of the World is extremely highly priced, this one fits right into a budget itinerary.

July - Take Lisbon’s lively air and pair it up with Barcelona’s charm!

Photo by Andrew E Larsen / CC BY-ND 2.0

Lisbon is some hours away from Madrid but is definitely a cheaper substitute. Lisbon boasts of an unparalleled quaint charm. Barcelona on the other hand is only 9 hours away from Lisbon and is a dream destination on everybody who suffers from wanderlust. Lisbon has everything to offer to you in terms of a lively night life, a lovely history, interesting lanes and fun people. Barcelona on the other hand has a completely distinct air that comes with its lanes. No better time to visit these places than in the off-season of July. July is the time when tourists are actually gearing up to get here in August, hence July is a great time to get the best of deals.

August - Roar like a lion in the streets of Singapore

Singapore brings in an image of a golden group of lights as soon as you mention it. Overtime, it has become as one of the most sought after destinations for various reasons. First is the unparalleled awesomeness of the Sentosa Island. Secondly, shopping and food options are at a zenith here. Accommodation is something that gets slightly expensive though all year around. Although, you have a lot of budget options available; in August it becomes even more reasonable. The weather here is decent but is not at it's best in the month of august, which is why the tourism industry decides to give budget travellers an opportunity by cutting down on accommodation prices as well as other prices.

September - Not the carnival, but get lost in the air of Rio De Janeiro!

Photo by Artyominc / CC BY SA 3.0

Rio is known for its carnival and tropical climate. But, Rio is an amazing destination to be at even otherwise. During the first 4-5 months of the year, it is generally really highly priced and hence it is not a good option for a budget vacation. But, September is the perfect time for cheap deals on accommodation as well as travel. Even though, you will not come across a lot of tourists at this time of the year but it is still a great option to visit.

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October - Northern Lights, soothing winter- Norway is your destination for October.

Photo by Yuichi Takasaka

Northern Lights is a phenomenon you should definitely witness once in your lifetime. Even though destinations Oslo are a little expensive to visit - a lot of other places in Norway offer great opportunities for an affordable vacation. If you combine Oslo with Bergen and Stavanger, you might be able to work out a reasonable plan. It is also an amazing time because you have all the chance to witness the most beautiful natural light phenomenon in the world in a decent budget.

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November- The beauty of the lesser known- Cambodia and Vietnam.

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

Vietnam and Cambodia both have a tragic history and yet a hint of evolution like no other place. Con Dao beach and Da Lat make for some great destinations in Vietnam. Phnom Penh on the other hand does not need any description. Cambodia and Vietnam do not rate very high on anybody’s travel wish list. But, they are great places where you can explore a lot more on even a tight budget. Septemeber is also the time, you would want to be getting in touch with your spiritual side considering it's the month which is nearing the end of the year. It is a great time to visit for you will be able to see all the attractions at a decent rate and get cheap deals on accommodation and travel in November.

December- End your year with the festivities in Poland.

People are always raving about the lively festivities in the rest of the Europe and USA during Christmas. If you do get a chance to witness something of the sort, you definitely should. But in all honesty, when you are on a slightly lesser budget and want to explore the awesomeness of the festivities of a different country than Poland is the best place to be at for you. This is also the time, where rest of the World is quite expensive considering it's the end of the year and festivals are lined up. But Poland offers cheap deals even though it is the end of their tourist season. The night life of Krakow and the bustling streets of Warsaw are all you need to make your Christmas merry and end your year on a good note!

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Let us know if you know of any other destinations that would not burn a hole in our pockets!

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