6 Weekend Getaways From Chennai

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We can all agree that Chennai is a great city to live in and visit. But sometimes, concrete jungles can get to you. When you want to get away from the noise of the city, nothing should stop you. If you're in Chennai, and crave a mini-vacation, we have come to your rescue! Here are some wonderful weekend getaways from Chennai for a fun short holiday:

6. Thottada

weekend getways from chennai

Distance from Chennai: 650 km

*Approximate travel time: 11.5 hours

Situated on the Kannur-Tellichery highway, a short distance away from the Kannur Railway Station, in the state of Kerala is this beautiful gem of a place. Thottada is a scenic village which boasts of a secluded beach where you can sunbathe in peace! It won't be too crowded either. Enjoy that quiet vacation in kannur that you have been dreaming of!

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5. Silent Valley

Distance from Chennai: 604 km

Approximate travel time: 10 hours

If you're a nature lover, this option should get you excited for your vacation! The Silent Valley National Park is a beautiful area located in the Palakkad District of Kerala. It is a part of the Nilgiri International Biosphere Reserve and is home to a diverse array of wildlife including the lion-tailed macaque, an endangered species. Its also home to 16 endemic birds of south India which is great news for bird-watchers! Plan a trip to this beautiful silent valley with triphobo trip planner. This is definitely an ideal weekend getaway from Chennai by car, so zoom into tranquility!

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4. Nandi Hills

Distance from Chennai: 348 km

Approximate travel time: 6.5 hours

If you're in Chennai and looking for a hilly escape, look no further than Nandi Hills in Karnataka. It is most famous for the palace that was built by Tipu Sultan who was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. There are also a number of old temples in the area that you can visit. The quiet charm of these hills will steal your heart and you'll learn a little bit of history along the way!

3. Tranquebar

Distance from Chennai: 284 km

Approximate travel time: 5.5 hours

Also known as Tharangambadi, this town is located in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. Its history dates back to the 14th century and it was a Danish colony from 1620 to 1845. Fort Dansborg was built during that time and still stands today. The Danish Museum here even has artefacts dating back to that era. If you're dreaming of a tranquil short trip from Chennai, then Tranquebar should be the destination of your choice!

2. Tirupati

Distance from Chennai: 134 km

Approximate travel time: 3 hours

One of the best weekend breaks from Chennai and might I add, spiritual is Tirupati, a city in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and should be on your list of getaway destinations because of its sheer proximity to Chennai. And this is especially true if you consider yourself religious. Tirupati is considered one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites because of the many historical temples located here including the famous Tirumala Venkateswara Temple.

1. Kanchipuram

Distance from Chennai: 76 km

Approximate travel time: 1.5 hours

Yes, this is the place from where those famous silk sarees come from! Kanchipuram is located in Tamil Nadu a short distance away from Chennai. It was a part of the Pallava, Chola and Vijayanagar Empires at different times in its history and its architecture is proof of that! History, religion and culture - Kanchipuram has got it all!

With so many weekend getaways from Chennai a quick detox is all you need to get rid of your fatigue and power through another week! Have a happy mini-vacation, dear readers!

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*Approximate travel time is the estimated time you'll take to reach the destination by car.

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