How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination

By Renuka Shahane on Apr 11, 2016
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Honeymoon-one of the key factors that linger in your mind while you plan your wedding! And planning a honeymoon can be really overwhelming, especially when there is already a wedding to plan.

Does it mean that you ruin one of the most important vacations  of your life? Does it mean that you just call off a honeymoon! 

Studies show that one of the most common reasons to call off a honeymoon is the confusing answers to the question 'how to choose a honeymoon destination'

To all those newly hitched or about-to get hitched couples, here’s something that will help you to choose the ideal honeymoon destination!

how to choose a honeymoon destination

How Long Do You Want Your Honeymoon To Be?

There's no point in looking for choosing honeymoon getaways that take a week long to reach and another week to return if you have only a week’s time for your honeymoon.

The wedding has already exhausted lot of your leaves and the honeymoon can be as short or long as time permits.

The very first step while you are picking your honeymoon destination is to analyze the duration of your honeymoon and pick the destination for your honeymoon accordingly.

How to create a trip plan in few minutes? Try our itinerary planner.

What Time Of The Year Are You Going On Your Honeymoon?

Another important factor that will determine you ideal honeymoon destination is the time of the year when you are travelling. While June is hot in India, it can be a great time to visit Italy. One of the most important tips to choose a honeymoon destination is to pick a place which is favourable to travel at that time of the year!

You can either pick a high season, when the weather will be great! Or you can pick a shoulder season if you want to beat the crowds and have a vacation in pleasant weather at the same time. here is a list of honeymoon destinations by month, so you can select a place as per your wedding date.

What Is Your Budget?

Yes, you just hosted a wedding; you are making provisions for the new home that you are going to start and you have a dent in your bank balance that is growing exponentially.

Of course you wouldn’t want your budget to go on toss!

Hence, it is one of the essential steps while choosing a honeymoon destination is to chalk out a budget and pick a destination that is well-accommodated within the budget.

What Is Your Honeymoon Style?

You can’t just press all the honeymoons into one single idea, it is to each his own. Some couples prefer a beach honeymoon destination, some love to explore a historic place, some love to choose an adventure honeymoon destination and some just prefer an urban staycation! One of the best tips to find a perfect spot for honeymoons is to know your spouse’s interests, find your own interests and finalize the kind of honeymoon you want to have.

It can be a beach honeymoon, a honeymoon full of adventure, a honeymoon to a historic destination or a honeymoon to a hill station!


How Do You Want To Travel To Your Honeymoon Destination?

You are planning your honeymoon to a destination that can be reached via a long-haul flight and your spouse is terrified of airplanes.

Your spouse wants to go for a road-trip and you are not a happy road-tripper.

One of the factors that will determine how you pick your honeymoon destination is the mode of transport that is available to travel there. Starting your honeymoon on an off-note is definitely not a great idea. So make sure you plan your honeymoon to a place that offers travel modes that you are comfortable with.

This will ensure that you start this memorable journey on a pleasant note!

You Have Chosen the Ideal Honeymoon Destination..Now What?

Plan a perfect Honeymoon: Have a rejuvenating honeymoon where you and your spouse can kickback the wedding stress. Plan your honeymoon in advance and be stress-free!

Budget your honeymoon: Not sure how to plan a honeymoon on a budget? This could create a problem later on; make sure you have all expenses planned.

Pack wisely: You don't want to be tired dragging bags on your honeymoon! Pack wisely. Check out this ultimate honeymoon packing list for Grooms and ultimate honeymoon packing list for Brides before you start packing!

Choose your honeymoon destination, Plan a perfect honeymoon and get going! Don’t forget to share your experience on how you chose the right destination for your honeymoon!

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