Christmas in Atlanta


The capital city of Georgia, USA, Atlanta has become one of the favourites among travel destinations for the tourists. The best time to visit the city is definitely Christmas when the whole city is lit up in the spirit of the holidays. The city of Atlanta is a delightful place during Christmas holidays, dipping its feet in tradition as well as modern celebratory events.


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The tourists start coming to the city at least a month before Christmas to be a part of the city’s preparation for the holidays. Atlanta has a lot of events held each year for the Christmas holidays specially. Here is your guide to Christmas in Atlanta:


The city of Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to events. There are a lot of options available that will best suit your preferences. The most popular event happens to the Fantasy in Lights held at Callaway Gardens each year. This event has been rated as one of the top ten Christmas Light Displays by National Geographic. The centre piece is a drive that is five miles long and is lined with more than eight million lights! This whole place is divided into fourteen sections wherein each section is beautiful and a must visit! There are a lot of parades happening; the city dwellers are the ones organizing different events across the whole town for the tourists as well as fellow locals. 


Atlanta has a very diverse cuisine when it comes to food. You will have access to all kinds of dishes from various places. During Christmas, especially, the restaurants and diners are all full of people from various parts of the world. The locals love eating food outside on the day of Christmas to do some last minute shopping as well. There are a lot of events held to give you and your kids to eat with the brightest of Christmas day feeling. At Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, you get the chance to cosy up against a fire place with a lot of scones and cream pastries and whatever you or your child prefers. The winter wonderland is taken a notch higher by The St. Regis, Atlanta. They serve the whole of the winter wonderland on your plate. This is a great way to entertain your kids with really beautiful food which will also leave you licking your fingers!


Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. There are more than four hundred places that will help you get great Christmas presents and deals as well. Some of the best places to shop include Avalon, Perimeter Mall, Lenox Square Mall and what not. All of these places are usually flooded with tourists from all over the world. The malls also organize some event or the other to entertain you while you shop for the best Christmas presents for your family and friends. Ponce City Market is a relatively new place for shoppers and is almost always full of people. The place has independently owned food stalls and restaurants, and beautifulloft apartments and flats for all kinds of people. The place is full of shops which feature brands such as Madewell, Anthropologie, West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, Rye 51, The Frye Company, Goorin Bros,etc. All you would want to do at this place is to stay here and shop all vacation long!

Christmas is a very special time for you and your family to connect and celebrate as a unit. Christmas in Atlanta will bring that connection back that we almost always tend to lose because of our busy lives. This is all the more a reason for you to visit Atlanta during the Christmas holidays!


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