Christmas in Austin

Austin, capital of Texas, is an inland city, known for its live music and nightlife throughout the year. This place is well lit up with bars and restaurants welcoming people from the streets to taste the authentic American food being served here. Austin is a part of the United States of America is known for its Christmas celebrations, wherein the people from all over the world visit the place to enjoy the food, culture and tradition. As the festivities for Christmas go on for an entire week, people love to stay at this place that brings cheerfulness and liveliness in their otherwise mundane lifestyle.

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Events that can be enjoyed on Christmas in Austin:

As the place is known for its cultural events and festivals, there are a large number of places that one can visit in Austin, so as to have fun and amusement.

1. Enjoy the Christmas Light Show at Mozart Coffee Roasters

Mozart Coffee Roasters present a magnificent light show every year on Christmas where people can see the dazzling lights sculpted into objects such as Christmas Trees, Santa Claus ride, Guitar and many others, bringing out Austin’s Culture during Christmas season amongst the visitors. The place does not have any entry fees, and anyone can visit it for free of cost, where they can capture the enormous iconic objects by clicking pictures and making videos through their cameras. The light show enthrals all the people who gather there to watch it. Festivity revellers can also enjoy a cup of fantastic coffee, which is exactly what the Mozart coffee roasters are actually famous for.

2. Indulge your shopping senses at Blue Genie Art Bazar

This Art Bazar is put up every year during Christmas Celebrations in Austin wherein the people can buy paintings and handmade items which includes jewellery, home décor, glass art and many more for themselves. Goodies are available for purchase to suit every budget from cheap to expensive. If the buyer has excellent bargaining skills, then he or she can definitely purchase a whole lot of stuff from here as the items being sold here are beautiful for gifting to family and friends, as a token of love during Christmas.

This Art Bazar starts every day during the Christmas week from 10 am to 10 pm with free entry and parking provided at 6100 Airport Blvd.

3. Marvel at the Georgetown Annual Lighting of the Square

During Christmas, people can enjoy the lightening of the city at the north of Austin wherein they are served with authentic American food which is being eaten during the Christmas celebrations. There are some delicious desserts, to die for, like the chocolate cookies which are really yummy and soft in texture. There is also the hot chocolate fountain wherein people can dip sticks of fruits and candies to enjoy different tastes of chocolates. Along with that, the children can also enjoy the festivity of Christmas by getting their pictures clicked with Santa Claus which the people can purchase later on.

4. Enjoy the Gingerbread Ville at Four Seasons

Four Seasons Austin pastry chefs make delicious and mouth-watering desserts during the Christmas celebrations in the country. Their authentic speciality is the gingerbread village displayed in their lobby, where the people can have a look at it with the complimentary drink prepared from apple cider and some lovely and munching hot cookies which tastes yummy with the drink. Along with that, there are two open houses for the visitors wherein they can meet the chefs behind the gingerbread village, and also understand the entire technique of making the gingerbread, which takes a lot of time for the chefs to prepare.

5. Experience the Ice Skating on the Rooftop

Austin is known for its outdoor ice skating, which people can enjoy during Christmas. It is organized by Whole food, where they also provide fun activities which can be enjoyed by the kids and other family members. The place is well decorated with lights, which makes the ice look even more attractive and people love to spend a lot of time with their loved ones in order to have great fun. The place also serves food and drinks organized by Whole Food outlet itself, thereby making sure that the people don’t feel bored and tired while doing ice skating.

6. Experience the North Pole Flyer

North Pole Flyer is a must on Christmas Celebrations in Austin, as it is a two-hour train ride on historical Bertram Flyer which is in association with the Austin Steam Train situated in Cedar Park, Texas. It is the best gift that could be given to the kids from their parents, wherein during the entire journey, the travellers are served with cookies and drinks along with the extraordinary storytelling program held by both Mr and Mrs Santa Claus. They will tell everything about Christmas from Jesus birth till his death and also answer questions of kids as to why Christmas is celebrated.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to come to Austin during Christmas, to enjoy the fun and frolic Christmas celebrations with friends and families during the entire month of December as the festivities begin from the end of November and last till the end of December.

Make sure to book the tickets well in advance to visit this beautiful city which is also the capital city of the state of Texas and is situated in the United States of America.

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