Christmas Celebrations in Baltimore

Baltimore is a city situated in Maryland known for its one of the most important seaports with tourists from all over the world travelling to this place known for its excellent sea food, yards, art festivals and many more. But the place looks lavishing and beautiful during Christmas celebrations as the entire city is lightened up along with various events making it as one of the most gorgeous cities of United States of America during Christmas Celebrations.

Events during Christmas Celebrations in Baltimore

As Baltimore is known for its art, culture and authenticity. But, during the Celebrations of Christmas the city becomes a favourite tourist spot amongst many visitors across the world to enjoy lightening, food and culture of the city.

Major events to take place during Christmas Celebrations in Baltimore are:

1.Enjoy the wonders at Chestertown River Arts Holiday Show

As the name suggests, this place brings to its visitors a mesmerizing art show which features unique gifts created by the artisans and craftsmen from all around the city so as to exhibit their talent in front of their customers. All the items which are being displayed here range in different costs from high to low so that the people can shop anything for themselves as well as their loved ones. Things like jewellery, clothes, paintings and many more are popular in this holiday show.

Make sure to visit River Arts Gallery, on 315 High Street in Chestertown. The entry fees to the River Arts Show is for free.

2. Visit the Christmas Village in Baltimore

Christmas Village celebrations in Baltimore is one of the best spots of celebrations in the city where the people with their friends and families come up to enjoy the European style Christmas celebrations by shopping at various shopping huts for items like jewellery, clothes and footwears. Apart from shopping, people also come here to enjoy sea food platters and authentic European food which includes a huge variety of pastas and pizzas making sure that people enjoy the whole experience of the Christmas celebrations with live band music performance.

Entry to the Christmas Village is free but for shopping and refreshment people need to carry some money with them.

3. Enjoy the Carroll County Festival of Wreaths

Wreaths are the most important for the decoration purpose during Christmas Celebrations as every house during the Christmas put these wreaths in their house which is a symbol of growth and everlasting life. During this County Festival, families and friends can turn up to this place wherein they can take part in the auction of wreathes which are bid in silent auctions so as to help those people who can’t afford it. The admission to this Carroll County festival is free of cost and it takes place at 91 W. Main Street Westminster every day during Christmas celebration week at 10 in the morning.

4. Sway to the music at Annual Tuba Christmas Celebrations

Tuba Christmas celebrations focus on the live music concerts organized by tuba and other euphonium players bringing the sensation of live music amongst the listeners making them dance to the beats and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The concert is attended only during Christmas week wherein the people can come up with their friends and families to enjoy themselves the music and along with that food and drinks which they are being provided by various stalls that are being set up all around the place by making sure that the people don’t feel thirsty and hungry during the concert.

Entry ticket can be booked online as well as can be purchased offline from Harbor place Amphitheatre, Constellation Energy Entrance of the Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, where the concert is being held.

5. Visit the Mayors Christmas Parade

Friends and families can enjoy the Christmas parade conducted by the mayor of the city which attracts many people to see the Santa Claus sitting on his slate and the entire life of Jesus Christ from his birth till his death. The parade also includes over 100 Harley Davison bikers, 160 marching units with marching bands and steam calliope. This event is free of cost for the people making them understand the aspect of Christmas and its celebrations around the world. It is open throughout the Celebrations week making sure that people visit it and enjoy every bit of it.

These are the most visited places of Baltimore during Christmas celebrations as people love to see the parade which is one of the most beautiful things of the city’s celebration along with various activities which can be enjoyed by kids, parents and their friends.

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