Christmas in Bristol

You can enjoy Christmas in Bristol irrespective of the location where you are from. The whole of Bristol celebrates Christmas in a grand way. You can find festive spirit and enthusiasm in every part of Bristol. Christmas is something that makes December the most magical time of the year, where you can enjoy lots of events and get-togethers. Actually, you don't need to search for events. Once landed in Bristol, you'll find festivity and events all around you. You can find dozens of decorated markets where you can purchase handmade gifts and also meet Santa. For foodies, there are many food events along with lots of shows and performances organized in the marketplace. We have listed few events below that you should definitely attend if you're in Bristol during the festive season.

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1. Visit the Bristol Christmas Market

If you want to enjoy the magical festive atmosphere in Bristol, you should surely visit the Bristol Shopping Quarter where the Christmas market is set up. In this market, you can find amazing and unique local handmade goods along with mouthwatering food and drinks. You can even taste the mulled wine, German beer or hot chocolate at the very famous Jägerbarn beer garden in that market. This is the best place to get your handmade gifts from. Whoever you'll gift these, the recipients will surely thank you a hundred times for it. You can even explore the Food village where you can try every kind of treats be it a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap or German bratwursts. The market is in an ideal location where you can easily reach by bus and coach station. Several car parks and Temple Meads train station are within easy reach of the market.

2. Explore the Winter Wonderland at the Mall, Cribbs Causeway

Visit the Mall's Winter Wonderland if you want an ultimate day-out for Christmas. There is an ice rink situated exactly in the heart of Winter Wonderland. This is a perfect place to be enjoyed by adults as well as kids feeling the fantastic festive spirit. The ticket prices for ice skating include the hiring of the skate. You can also hire seal skating aids for your children if they are under 8 years old. Keep in mind that you cannot pre-book seal skating aids online. You can even visit Santa's enchanted ice castle which will undoubtedly be loved by kids. Children enjoy meeting the Ice Queen and her fairies while they walk through the ice castle where they meet and greet Father Christmas. You can visit there with your kids daily till 5 pm on Christmas Eve. After that, Santa leaves for his day job.

3. Attend the Winter Fair and Ice Rink, Millennium Square

The ice rink of Millennium Square starts from 18th of November and continues till 16th of January. Enjoy ice skating along with the evening events of "Disco Boots". After your ice skating session, get your late evening sorted in the beautiful wood cabin of the Square. What else do you need if you get to lie under a cosy blanket by putting your feet up along with the hot chocs in? Enjoy this moment in Apres Bar in the Millennium Square. You can even consider taking a trip to the skies to witness the beautiful view of the wintery Harbourside of Bristol. If you are not tired and wish to have more fun in the Millennium Square, you can go for night skating, sleigh rides, hoopla, and helter-skelter.

4.Party at Christmas Spiegeltent

Spiegeltent is famous for the decadent and wild ambience of the travelling venues which attracts heartbreakers, dream chasers and night owls. There can be no better venue than this to throw a Christmas party, have a great night out and enjoy the masquerade balls. This is a comprehensive institution in the festive calendar of Bristol as it offers legendary Christmas parties, DJs, live music, performances, theatres, excellent food, masked balls, and many other family events. Christmas parties are the best work of Spiegeltent. There is a grand dance floor with an inbuilt bar area and stage. You can undoubtedly call it as the finest party venue of Bristol.

5.Enjoy the Santa Specials, Avon Valley Railway

Each child has immense excitement to visit the Avon Valley Railways, as each one of them receives a quality gift from Father Christmas while they enjoy the special visit from him. It is a fantastic experience to ride on Bristol's one of the steam-hauled trains. You can have this amazing experience every day from 16th of November till the Christmas Eve from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Keep in mind that prices for the ride are not the same for all days. It differs on the basis of day chosen by you to enjoy the ride. Enjoy the gorgeous countryside view of Avon for one long hour. Mince pies and tipples which are served by Santa's elves are included in the ticket prices of the ride.

6.Visit Santa’s Grotto at Old Down Estate

By visiting here, you can personally meet and greet Santa while he relaxes by the burning fire. When you enter the park, you'll be able to spot Santa in the magical yurt next to his log burning fire. Enjoy your walk with Santa's elves through the enchanting forest which is kind of fairy lit. Of course, no child returns barehanded after meeting the red man. They all have a quality gift with them presented by the Father Christmas. You can visit here from 26th of November till 23rd of December. There is something special about how the Old Down Estate as its beauty and the walk through the park is completely unique.

Now you're festive ready and all set to enjoy the best time of the year. No doubt you'll thank us later when you'll find all the above-mentioned events equally exciting and enjoying. So, plan your holiday vacation and book your tickets to Bristol to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends.


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