Christmas in Columbus

Christmas is a festival rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated almost all over the world on 25th December. It is a time of giving and sharing. It is a time of family dinners and Christmas cakes. Xmas trees are decorated, and Santa Claus brings gifts for the children! It is the season of gifts, amusement, merriment and spending time with family and loved ones. 

Christmas in Columbus is a grand affair. From the tree lightings at the zoo and the parks to the Chinese lantern festival, there are several events for children and adults alike to celebrate the holiday season in Columbus! 

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So here is a list of things to light up your Christmas in Columbus:

1. Enjoy the Holiday Lights at the Columbus Commons:

It is a beautiful experience to see the Columbus commons sparkling with Christmas lights. So, if you are visiting Columbus or are simply a resident there, do not miss the chance! Take a drive or maybe a stroll through the area to have a look at the beautiful decorations.  

2. Visit the Scioto Mile and Bicentennial Park:

The Scioto Mile and the park are all decked up for the grand celebration of Christmas from the end of November every year! So, if you are someone who loves Christmas and have the chance, do give this place a visit at this time of the year. Music performances and other eventful things take place in these places too at this time. 

3. Observe the Gardens Aglow at Franklin Park Conservatory:

The annual Gingerbread Competition is organized at this place along with many other fun events mainly on weekends and selected weekdays too. The festivities start from mid-November and go on until January. There are music performances and the enchanting decorations to look forward to. Do not miss out on it this Christmas if you are in Columbus!

4. Attend the Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival:

The festival is a celebration of lights and Chinese culture. Nevertheless, it is a must-visit in Columbus. There are more than 30 sky lantern installations and over 15,000 LED lights! Moreover, acrobatics, martial art demonstrations and Mongolian and Tibetan-style dancing are also performed. Along with all this, the lights and decorations are mesmerizing and bring out the festive spirit.  

5. Enjoy the Christmas at Easton town centre:

It is a grand affair at the Easton Town Center in Christmas season. The celebrations start from approximately November 17 and go on until Christmas week. There is a gigantic Christmas tree which is decorated with lights and streamers. There are live music performances; horse-drawn carriage rides for children, a firework show and even a visit from Santa Claus! It is an excellent opportunity for children as well as adults to enjoy together. 

6. Watch the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo:

The Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a stunning celebration of the Christmas spirit. It is a light show with more than three million LED lights. There are various events and activities for children to indulge in. Santa Claus also pays a visit! There are a lot of family activities to do together too. The Wildlights have been a tradition for over two decades now and are one of the most well-known Christmas celebrations in Columbus. So, don’t give it a miss. 

7. Witness the Village lights in Historic German Village:

It is a Christmas tradition in Columbus to visit the German Village during this time. The streets are all lit up with Christmas lights, and residents and tourists visit this place to have a look at the luminous decorations. There are free goodies and chocolates for children to have along with living music! Here too, the festivities go on throughout the month, and the whole event is absolutely free.

8. Attend the State Auto’s Christmas Corner:

Since 1932, the State Auto Insurance set up the State Auto Christmas Display, and the nativity scene is open to all. Official lighting ceremony takes place on December 5 followed by the children’s choir afterwards. The tradition of celebrating Christmas here has been going on for a long time here and has become quite famous around the world. The celebrations go on for about a month. The Nativity scene and the story of Christmas narrated here are loved by many. 

So, Christmas at Columbus is a quite important affair with so many events organized in different parts of the city. Christmas is about celebrating together and spreading warmth and happiness. It is a time of gifts for children and reunion for family and friends. Columbus indeed has terrific Christmas celebration ideas which help people enjoy and spend time with their loved ones.


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