Christmas in Denver

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The month of December evokes the holiday spirit in all of us because it means that Christmas is approaching and soon it will be a new year. Christmas cakes are baked, and trees are decorated. Children hang socks at night in the hope of Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. It is a time of merriment and sharing the joy with friends and family. Christmas symbolizes the end of the old and the ushering of the new year.

Over the years, Christmas has not been limited to just the Christians. People all over the world celebrate it like a festival. Christmas in Denver is no exception. The whole city is decked up in Christmas lighting. There are light shows and attractive events organized for the people to enjoy.

Image Source: wikimedia commons
So, if one is visiting Denver or a native who has not celebrated Christmas yet, here is a list of activities for them to be a part of during the holiday season:

1. Blossoms of Light:

Blossoms of Light is a light festival at the Denver Botanical Garden which goes on through the Christmas week until 1st of January sometimes. There are many LED lights, sparkling fairy lights and live music performance and dance shows along with food and drinks to enjoy. It is a must visit to have a view of the Christmas lights. The light reflections in the water are also beautiful to watch. This one is a must-see if one is in Denver during Christmas.

2. Denver Parade of Lights:

It is a magical event which takes place at night through Denver’s downtown streets. This parade, which is two-mile long, includes many things. The parade has group performances as well as a visit from Santa Claus. So, it is an enjoyable event for kids and equally mesmerizing for adults. It is a very famous Christmas event in Denver, and certainly, a must visit!

3. The Denver Zoo:

The zoo at Denver is decorated with sparkling lights every year throughout the month of December. Children have a lovely time watching the animal figures made of lights. There are also animal encounters, night shows and a meet-and-greet with Santa! This one is a must visit, if one is in Denver. 

4. The Grand Illumination at Downtown Denver:

The Union Station celebrates Denver’s renovation success every year by organizing a Christmas even where the streets are decorated with lights, the proper lightings of the Union Station, food and drinks at the terminal bar and even a visit from Santa. This is an event unique to the city of Denver and hence a must-see if one is in town.

5. Ice-skating at Skyline Park:

Winter means an opportunity of skating. The South-west rink opens at the end of November and remains open until February to celebrate the holiday season.

6. Santa’s Village at Chatfield Farms:

From November 24 to December 24, Chatfield Farms is transformed into a Christmas Village where Santa and Mrs Claus reside for that month. Children can visit the place to enjoy the hayride, meet the reindeers, help Mrs Claus with various crafts, engage in decorating the Christmas trees and even watch a movie at Santa’s Cinema! They are showered with gifts, chocolates and cookies at the end. It is indeed a Christmassy experience for them.

7. The ‘Nutcracker’ Ballet:

The best of best classics for Christmas, The Nutcracker, is performed every Christmas by The Colorado Ballet. This event is the perfect way of introducing your child or kids to the perfect world of fairytale-like ballet. Also, with this event, you can enjoy a Christmas outing with your kids. Show your kids the beautiful world of fairies and other magical beings!

8. Ice-skating at Evergreen:

Evergreen Lake, is only fort minutes away from Denver and is a perfect place to ice skate with friends and family. However, if you plan on visiting this site for skating during Christmas time, you may have to look at the weather. The lake opens up for skating only when the weather conditions are favourable. 

9. Handel's "Messiah":

This beauty of a masterpiece is presented to patrons by The Colorado Symphony Orchestra. This piece is a choral performance by many talented people and has been hailed as one of the best Christmas performances in this area.

Christmas is a time of celebration and sharing happiness with family and loved ones. Thus, if one is visiting Denver, the above-mentioned events is undoubtedly going to make their Christmas memorable.