Christmas in Edinburgh

By Swathi Ramaswamy on May 04, 2018
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In Scotland, the Christmas spirit came pretty late when compared with other countries in Europe. But today, the country has become one of the best places to celebrate this festival. You will find that Christmas in Edinburgh is something one must experience. Ice skating, Christmas shopping, musical concerts, there's a lot to explore. So here we present you some of the best events, places, and things to do during Christmas in Edinburgh:

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1. Experience Ice skating

There are many ice skating rinks in Edinburgh that open up during December. Some of these rinks are decorated in the Christmas theme. You can buy your own skates or rent them at the arena. There are facilities for all levels of ice skaters, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The leading skating centers are at St. Andrew's Square and Princess Street Garden.

2. Indulge in Christmas Shopping

There are several unique festive decorations and lights that you can find in the city squares of Edinburgh. Some of the city's oldest flagship stores are located in the Princess Street Gardens. There are several UK fashion brand outlets too. Multrees Walk is the ultimate destination for labels like Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors. However, if you want to engage in shopping that is light on the pocket, head out to the weekly markets at Edinburgh. At the Royal Mike market, you can shop for souvenirs and local arts and handicrafts. There are even specific stores in Edinburgh which sell Harry Potter memorabilia! With so many options to choose from, your Christmas shopping in Edinburgh is bound to be fun! 

3. Listen to the Sound of music

Christmas is a festival that is very musical in nature. You can experience some great sounds and music in the churches, bars, or streets of Edinburgh. Special musical and theatre events are organized during Christmas in Edinburgh with the University of Edinburgh's Chaplaincy Service taking care of the carol service on the occasion. La Clique Noel is a slightly adult themed Christmas fest. That's the thing; there's a lot of diversity here. You can have sing-along that is perfect for the family in one corner and then have adults only shows in another. So, when it comes to Christmas events in Edinburgh, it has something for everyone. 

4. Indulge in Wine and Dine

You can have a good old Christmas meal in front of a warm fire at several diners in Edinburgh. A classic Scottish breakfast or lunch invokes roasted turkey, several roasted vegetables like potatoes and parsnips along with cranberry sauce and gravy. There are also stuffing’s of different kinds along with kilted Chipotle which is essentially a bacon wrapped sausage. Some of the most amazing restaurants offering sumptuous food for your gastronomical delights are The Witchery, The Dome, Tower Restaurant, Hotel du Vin, The Caledonian, and The Balmoral.

5. Amuse yourselves in amusement rides

The Princes Gardens and George Street are adorned with several fun rides in December offering some exciting Christmas activities in Edinburgh. There are thrilling rides aimed at children and families while others are more oriented towards adventure and thrill-seeking adults. Carousels, mini roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and many other classic attractions are present. A particular favorite amongst tourists is the Santa Land. It features the Santa Train and several other carnival games. Spinning and swinging chairs at Star Flyer reach spectacular heights. The Big Wheel is the most well-known Ferris wheel in the Edinburgh region.

6. Christmas tree spotting

A quintessential part of Christmas is obviously the iconic tree. There are several excellently decorated, visually pleasing Christmas trees dotting the landscape of Edinburgh. They also make for good photograph backgrounds for your Edinburgh trip. The Light Night especially is a major event where a huge Christmas tree in Edinburgh gets lit for the first time in the year, signaling the arrival of Christmas. What follows is a performance by a choir. This ceremony is attended by several families and usually takes place in George Street during mid-November. The University of Edinburgh too has an ancient tree that is lit up every year.

So these are a few memorable things you can do in different areas of Edinburgh during Christmas. It is the season of joy and merriness. So, make sure that you spend an unforgettable Christmas, here in Scotland’s own Christmas paradise.

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