Christmas in Laos

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

Laos is one of the Southeast Asian countries, a People’s Democratic Republic, known for its mountainous terrains, French colonial architecture - for it being one of the French colonies, hill tribes and Buddhist monasteries. 

Christmas in Laos is one of the most awaited festivals for the Christians.Christians form less than two percent of the entire population of Laos, becoming a minority. 

Although, a celebration of Christmas, unlike in other countries, is not commercialized in Laos and it is still preserved and centred on the celebration of the essence of Christmas,i.e., the birth of Jesus Christ.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just like Christmas preparations and celebrations are organized with great enthusiasm in all major countries in the world, Laos also includes presentations and drama by church members, in the form of songs, dances and homilies telling the stories and justifying the celebration of Christmas, fellowship and sharing of food, and a little fun added with games and gift giving. 

Explore Vientiane

Vientiane is the capital of Laos is expected to celebrate Christmas with utmost enthusiasm. It gets filled with expats for celebration in pubs decorated on Christmas Themes, Marathon movie nights with English movies, twinkling lights and trimmed trees, gifts exchanging and visits from Santa. Christmas Eve buffets and a plated lunch are organized at Love Life Ice Cream & Cake and O’Grady’s Irish Pub.

Enjoy Christmas In Vang Vieng

Listening to the mesmerizing music of carols coming from riverside bars in Vang Vieng could not get anymore peaceful and blissful. Vang Vieng is one the popular tourist destinations like Si Phan Don Islands in Laos, which during Christmas is decorated with lights and trees all along the roadways and streets. It also has some of the most amazing outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking, which includes no closure of bars, restaurants and stores. 

The best way to explore Vang Vieng is by Kayak. A Christmas on a boat with dear ones, a little food, wine and some presents if worth all the love.

Experience The Hill Tribe Homestay

Another way to celebrate Christmas apart from just drinking, exchanging gifts, singing and dancing, tourists get to stay and sleep at the residence of a local ethnic family, which offers the best chance for sharing ideas, beliefs, religions and rituals with the host. Gifts like monetary donations, school supplies like books and writing material for the nearby educational institutes would give your Christmas all it’s worth the while.

Travel To Historic City Of Luang Prabang

Luan Prabang is the ancient capital of the Luang Prabang Province in northern Laos. It has the largest expat community with amazing decorations and lightings nearby the UNESCO recognized heritage portion of the town, and Christmas carolers are singing along the streets. 

A prix fixe dinner at I’Elephant or a turkey bagel sandwich and Gingerbread latte at Joma Café are the best delicacies to savour this Christmas. 

For the betterment of the relationship between the people and government, the officials are open to Christian Churches with their celebrations. The Christians and the non-Christians witness the presentations together with the hope that they would have mutual and better understanding of the Christian faith, culture, and traditions.

The month of December is filled with happiness and joy for the people who are tired after a long hard-working season of farming during the rains as it marks the celebration of harvest season and Christmas festivities.

Sometimes, at the World Renew office in Xiengkhouang, a cow is butchered and grilled as a part of a small congregation. 

The celebrations and events vary from church to church depending upon the rules of the church, the availability of the of members, the government calendar and work, schooling and farming schedule. 

The Government of Laos organizes specific celebrations for the people of Laos.

For people who believe that Christmas isn’t just to be celebrated only with family, instead could be enjoyed alone by travelling, Laos is one such place where you have gentle people to treat you like family and an adventure trip in the treetops.