Christmas in Los Angeles

When Christmas is knocking at the door, just pack your bags, get your tickets to Los Angeles, and get ready to witness the most beautiful time of the year in one of the most beautiful places. There can be no better time than Christmas to see the real beauty of Los Angeles. Here you will come to know how lights and decorations can convert an ordinary place into a mesmerizing one.

Though Christmas is celebrated with utmost festivity all over the country, there are some places in Los Angeles which are worth visiting during this festive season. Christmas is incomplete without visiting these beautiful places. You can find lights and love, fun and enjoyment, festivity and enthusiasm everywhere near you but few places can blow your mind with its beauty. We have mentioned some of those places below which you cannot miss out to visit when you're in Los Angeles to celebrate this fantastic festival.

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Christmas Tree Lane

You cannot miss out to visit this landmark of Los Angeles if you're already there for your Christmas. You will definitely love the view of magical lights. Have a great experience by enjoying the lighting ceremony. We assure you that you would revisit the place many more times once you're here. You should surely visit here if you don't like to visit too crowded places. The small markets with lots of beautiful handmade items along with the eateries are going to win your hearts. Also, you don't need to pay any money to enjoy the walk through the lighting lane. The entry is completely free, and the place is also not too far.

Beverly Hills

This is a famous area in Los Angeles. You can imagine the class and modernity of the place by the fact that it is said to be the home to many famous Hollywood stars. The best place to spend your Christmas Eve in Beverly Hills is to visit the famous restaurants and bars where Christmas is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm. Some of the festive restaurants in Beverly Hills to spend your Christmas Eve are named here- Montage, Peninsula, Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Wilshire. Though all the restaurants celebrate Christmas with the festive spirit. Beverly Hills is beautifully decorated during the Christmas season. The palm trees are covered with lights adding an immense amount of pleasure to your drives.

Upper Hastings Ranch

This place is worth the travel. If you want to enjoy the view of a giant clocktower playing music and Santa distributing gifts to all the children, you should just book your tickets and land to Los Angeles, California before the Christmas ends. Christmas is celebrated in a grand way in Upper Hastings Ranch. Don't miss out to witness the Christmas lights of this place. Your kids will also have a great time here as they get the chance to greet the red man and receive a quality gift from him in real. You can see a vast friendly crowd enjoying every bit of the Christmas season with their companions. You also can have a really great time celebrating Christmas with your family and friends.

Balian House

You won't get tired of appreciating and reviving the memories that you hold of Balian House. The new family keeps up the tradition by doing fantastic work to decorate the house every year. Every light and every decor put up by them is just gorgeously amazing. Guests don't get tired of thanking the Balian family for lighting their holidays and making their Christmas beautiful. Both secular and religious people around Los Angeles consider this as an excellent destination for celebrating Christmas. The Balian family never fails to amaze the guests with the beautiful decoration of their mansion and the surrounding 3.5 acres of land. Since 1955, they continue to follow this tradition. They also recreate the beautiful scenes like Santa with his elves, reindeers and many other nativity scenes. Enjoy the Christmas carols sung by the live groups. Some years, photo session with Santa is also allowed, and coffee or hot chocolate are served for free.

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Christmas is all about lights and fun. You can't get enough of the decorative and amazing lights. So, when you want to see just lights and lights all around you, Sleepy Hollow is the best place for you to visit. It delivers as many lights as possible. This lighting starts in early December and covers every house, every tree, and every lawn with lights giving the guests utmost satisfaction. You can just do nothing and sit on the lawn in the late evening for some time with your friends and realise what actually happiness is! This is the peace that this place delivers. Enjoy the beautiful light display from early December till New Year's Eve every evening from 6 pm to 10 pm.


Soon after the Halloween pumpkins are allowed to rest, the signs of holidays are apparently visible in the Disneyland. Who doesn't want to have fun in Disneyland? All of us do! Especially the kids. So why not try this place during the best time of the year, i.e., the Christmas season? The lovely themed park gets converted into the merriest place for complete two long months. The Christmas spirit is found here from November 10 to January 7 of every year. Guests love to enjoy the holiday-themed nighttime shows and the Christmas makeovers of favourite rides. You can spot festivity and decor all around the park as far as Christmas lights go. But the real attraction of this place which steals the show is the joyous facade of " It's a small world."

Mission Inn

Mission Inn is a massive and gorgeous hotel which is on the downtown Riverside. The historic masterpiece gets covered with an extra boost of beauty during this festive season of the year. It looks lovely when five million twinkling lights lighten the hotel. Guests enjoy the horse-drawn carriages, live entertainment shows, food vendors, and a Ferris wheel. And guess what? All of these are entirely free. Yes, you need not pay any money to enjoy the amazing performances and the beauty of the masterpiece. The place becomes very crowded on the Christmas Eve and weekends. So it's better if you have enough time to visit there during the week. The day of the week doesn't matter, but the dusk makes it the best time to visit.

We wish you all the very best for your journey and enjoyment. You can thank us later for helping you with the best places to visit ;)


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