Christmas in Malaysia

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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When you notice Christmas ornaments nearby, when you notice see of lights illuminating everything around you, when you see exciting events being managed by malls, and when you find bazaars bustling with festive spirit, it's the beginning of Christmas celebration in Malaysia! We are here with a simple guide about the best of Christmas events in Malaysia you must attend. Just get your preparations for landing there done and refer to this article for enjoying the Malaysian Christmas season to the fullest!

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Mid Valley Home

Mid Valley Megamall is the place that hosts events with different themes every year. Some years it makes you nostalgic by depicting the traditional homecoming on Christmas through its theme of 'Home for Christmas'. Other years, 'Steam Trains' is the theme that is perfect for kids. Whatever the theme be, Mid Valley Megamall never fails to amaze its guests. It reunites friends and families to have fun during the festive season of Christmas.  

Pavilion KL

Pavilion KL is known for organizing some of the top Christmas events in Malaysia. The best part of Pavilion KL is that there is not one red man, there is a whole group of fathers of Christmas. These Santas are automated and are intended to entertain children who visit there. They make your Christmas experience completely unique. You can find one Mr. Claus on every hot air balloon installation. Along with that, there are a bunch of events organized in the Pavilion. Guests enjoy the live band performance who play all the Christmas tunes and Santa's elves roam around while playing with kids. 

Bangsar Shopping Center

Even shopping centers come together to celebrate the joyous festive season. You will witness the festivity around you even when you're out shopping. Special Christmas Bazaar is set for the guests so that they can buy pretty things for their loved ones. With beautifully decorated Christmas trees and fairy lights illuminating all the corners, visiting Bangsar will make sure that you get to soak in the festivities.  

Legoland Malaysia

Visiting Legoland Malaysia during Christmas means witnessing a grand celebration. This year, the theme park is ready for its 'Brick-Tacular Holidays' starting from 1st December to 31st December. A chance to win prizes, have fun with your loved ones and enjoy the events, Legoland ensures you have the best Christmas in Malaysia. 

With all these much-loved places in Malaysia where Christmas is celebrated with unlimited fun and excitement, your Christmas vacation in Malaysia is bound to be memorable!

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