Christmas in Manchester

The month of December means that the year is dying. Everything is cold and frosty. But that signifies that finally Christmas is around the corner! Christmas brings with it happiness and warmth and is celebrated by people all over the world. It has surpassed its boundaries as a religious affair and is now celebrated like a festival. Christmas means a celebration with family, friends and loved ones. Christmas is all about spending time together, decorating homes with sparkling lights and of course having Christmas cake. For children, however, the most awaited part is the arrival of Santa Claus with gifts!

Christmas in Manchester is a magnificent event. The whole city is decked up in Christmas lights, and various events and parades are organized to celebrate this festive season with family and loved ones. Trees are decorated with lights and stars and children are also given gifts by Santa Claus in some places! Skating rinks open for people to have a good time there during this time. Various restaurants bring out their ‘Christmas Menu’ to celebrate the end of the old and the beginning of a happy new year.

Here is a list of events one needs to know about if he/she is in Manchester during the Christmas season:

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Attend Christmas Celebrations at Dunham Massey

During the Christmas season, it virtually turns into a magical winter wonderland. The place is decorated in Christmas lighting, and there are singing trees, canopies, fairy lights and of course Father Christmas! People can enjoy a glow-in-the-dark experience. There is a Christmas gift shop indoors and also a visitors’ café. Both children and adults are absolutely mesmerized by the experience. It is a must-visit if one is in Manchester during the month of December.

Indulge in Christmas shopping at Manchester

Christmas is incomplete without shopping! We buy things for our loved ones, and of course, there are gifts to be purchased for the children. Manchester is the perfect place to buy Christmas gifts for family. Manchester is famous for Christmas shopping and has award winning markets. There are more than 300 stalls across ten market sites. In fact, Manchester’s markets are known as some of the best markets in the whole of Europe. So, if you are visiting Manchester just before Christmas, you know what to do. Shop till you drop!

The family-friendly area in Cathedral Gardens has a variety of attractions like ice rinks, Santa Sleighs, train rides, etc. Thus, Christmas in Manchester is a magical experience.

Attend “A Gospel Christmas at Albert Hall”

Christmas Carol concerts are an intrinsic part of Christmas celebrations. The Christmas Concerts at Albert Hall, Manchester include shows like Handel’s ‘Messiah’, ‘Joy to the World’, ‘Joyful Joyful’ and many other carols along with Gospel hymns. Both children and adults can enjoy these concerts, and it indeed is a Christmassy experience.

Visit Manchester Town Hall and Albert Square

Manchester Town Hall has excellent architecture, and Albert Square is a market-place which is great for Christmas shopping. The whole area is decorated with Christmas lights and streamers. There is a big Santa Clause statue which too is beautifully decorated during the night time.


Parades are organized in various parts of the city to celebrate the essence of Christmas. Different choral performances take place and sometimes even Santa Clause gives a visit! Children enjoy it greatly. The streets are all lit up with Christmas decorations. In 2017, a parade was organized at downtown Manchester and Elm Street.

Manchester Cathedral

Christmas carols and hymns are sung in the Manchester Cathedral to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People visit the cathedral on this day to listen to these songs and sometimes join in too. In many churches, the story of the birth of Christ is narrated on these days. It is a serene experience.

Light shows

Light shows are organized in parks and streets where the beautiful Christmas lights are put up. Sometimes lantern festivals are also held in Manchester park or Clayton during the festive season. It is a must-see for both kids and adults.

Thus, Manchester brings out the spirit and warmth of Christmas. It is both a place for shopping as well as for celebrating Christmas. So, the next time you visit Manchester, do remember to drop in at Albert Square or maybe a Christmas concert to have a Merry Christmas.

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