Christmas in Milwaukee

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. It is a celebration of giving, sharing and happiness. Christmas symbolizes the ushering of a new year and rejoicing to it. Families come together on Christmas to celebrate the festive spirit. Houses, roads, churches and parks are all decked up with Christmas decorations. Colorful lights adorn the streets. For children, it is a time of holidays and of course Santa Claus.

Over the years, Christmas has become a worldwide merriment. No matter what one’s religion is, Christmas is a joyful time for all. The festive season is celebrated in Milwaukee too. From the jingle bus rides to the tree lighting events, Christmas in Milwaukee is a time for rejoicing, reunion and happiness.

So, if you are visiting Milwaukee during the holiday season, here is a list of things you must do there:

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Spend time with Santa at Milwaukee County Zoo

Every Year Santa and Mrs. Claus make an annual trip to the zoo. In the month of December, children who visit the zoo can have breakfast and lunch with Santa Claus and his elves. The decorations in the zoo are also very beautiful. It is a traditional event and a must visit for children.

Be a part of the Candy Cane Lane

More than 300 homes participate to decorate the candy cane lane in Milwaukee. Residents put up Christmas lights and even Santa makes an appearance sometimes! Donations can be given to neighbors since the decorations are done to benefit the MACC funds. One can take a drive or stroll around the candy cane lane. The decorations stay from November till Christmas. It is a beautifully decorated area and a must see.

‘A Christmas Carol’

Christmas time is known for plays and Christmas concerts. Every year ‘A Christmas Carol’ by the renowned Victorian writer, Charles Dickens is performed at Pabst Theatre. It is a wonderful play for both children and adults to enjoy. Do give it a shot. Scrooge won’t disappoint you!

Annual Holiday Parade

This parade started in 1927 and it is a cherished holiday tradition. The parade includes bands, floats, giant helium balloons, live animals, dance, music, costumed characters and of course Santa Claus. It is a must visit since it is a traditional parade which brings the city together in festive spirit.

Cocoa with the Clauses

It is a free event at Cathedral Square Park mainly for children. Santa Claus is present there and gives free cookies, chocolates and hot cocoa to the children and even other visitors. It is free so why not go and enjoy? Do check it out.

Milwaukee Bakery Tour

This is again a bus tour which takes the visitors around the city to look at Christmas decorations. Along with that the tour provides holiday cookies, candies, pastries, and other bakery items collected from local shops. It is a good tour with good food for those who have a sweet tooth. Do give this tour a chance.

Ride on Jingle bus

The Ride on Jingle Bus is a forty-minute bus tour which takes the visitors to show the key attractions of the city. One can even get a tour of downtown’s holiday lights. The bus leaves from Grand Avenue and tickets for the tour need to be booked some days prior. It is a grand tour and visitors should certainly try it out!

Ice skating at Red Arrow Park

What is Christmas without a little cold and frost? The Red Arrow Park provides an opportunity to skate for free if the weather is good and the ice is frozen well. You can bring your own skates or rent them for the time. So for eager skaters, this is a good chance! Do try it out.

May the Christmas in Milwaukee be merry and memorable with the help of the events listed above.

Other than all this, visitors can go have a Christmassy dinner at the many restaurants which provide special Thanksgiving menus. Turkey is a must on the menu and so is plum cake.

Thus, Christmas is a time for merriment and spending time together with close ones. It is a time to come together in the Christmas spirit and have some lousy conversations over food and wine. Above all, it is the time to reunite.


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