Christmas in New York

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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The exciting state of New York turns into a little slice of paradise when December approaches as it is known for its dazzling Christmas celebrations. It is visited by a large number of tourists from all around the world, especially during the Christmas season. With a number of wonderful Christmas markets in New York and delightful events around every corner, it ensures you have a memorable time when vacationing here. The Christmas celebrations in New York start weeks or months before the actual festival so that people can enjoy every cultural and traditional aspect of Christmas. So, plan your December holidays in New York and get ready for the best celebrations! 

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Events to be Celebrated in New York

Being the most visited place in the United States, Christmas events in New York are legendary across the world and it may get overwhelming to decide which events to attend. So, here is the perfect New York Christmas guide to help you out. Check the list of events and add these in your trip plan to make the best of your time -

Enjoy Ice Skating at Bryant Park Winter Village

This place is known to be one of the best New York Christmas markets to visit as it has a 17,000 square -feet ice skating rink with more than a hundred shops of food vendors and shopping outlets making one of the best places to come for New York Christmas Celebrations. The open food outlets along with free complimentary drinks attract tourists from all over the city as well as the country to come up and enjoy the authentic American food being served by one of the best chefs of New York. So, do not miss a chance to go to the Winter Village at Bryant Park during Christmas as you are bound to have a great time!

Watch the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Every year during Christmas, thousands of people gather on the streets of New York to watch the most brilliant and bright Christmas Tree in the town. People tend to stop here when they visit for ice skating or enjoying the lightening ceremony to make sure that they witness this tall and magnificent Christmas tree. It is seventy-eight-foot-tall and illuminated with over 45 thousand LED lights along with a massive star on the top which makes everyone mesmerized and hypnotized with its beauty. People can also enjoy cocktails and mocktails being served at the restaurants around the tree to turn it into one of the best nights in New York during Christmas Celebrations.

Attend A Christmas Carol At Merchant’s House

Famous Charles Dicken’s novel Christmas Carol is being depicted at the Merchant’s house. Herein the iconic Christmas tale of the author and the poet is being shown by the famous theatre artist Kevin John Jones who enacts all the twenty characters of the play. With moving expressions, he makes everyone look at each character carefully and understand it from the perspective of the book. The place is a little small for the audience as it can accommodate only 40 people who can sit down at the Merchant house parlor. Even after being a small place, it has turned into one of the top New York Christmas events. The entire play lasts for an hour with entry fees required for the same.

Attend Radio Christmas City Spectacular

This event mesmerizes and amazes everyone regardless of their age! The entire show is presented in such a manner that everyone is required to watch it with the help of 3-D glasses, even giving you the minor details of Rockettes who are dressed up in wooden colored soldier’s costumes . It never fails to wow the crowd making sure that each and everyone enjoys the complete Christmas Journey on which they are being taken by the theatre actors. So, when you are interested in attending holiday events in New York, this is the place to be.

Catch the Holiday Train Show

The event of a holiday train show can be enjoyed at the New York Botanical Garden which features more than 150 replicas of the famous spots of New York. It includes Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center giving a pleasant experience to both children as well as adults. These replicas are placed all over the botanical garden, making sure that the train stops at each of them. A group of 5- 6 people will be given a guide who will make the people familiar with a brief description of the place along with its history. People need not worry about the weather to see this show as the event takes place inside without causing any kind of trouble to the visitors.

All these events are a must on the trip to New York during Christmas to enjoy the colors of festivity!

Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas in New York

  • Q. Is Christmas a good time to visit New York?

    A. Yes, Christmas is a delightful time to visit New York as all the decorations, markets, and events offer something for everyone. Even though it may feel a light crowded on weekends, it is worth all the hassle.

  • Q. Are New York City attractions open on Christmas and New Year's Day?

    A. Almost all the tourist attractions in NYC will be closed on Christmas Eve except for a few places like Central Park. All the NYC zoos except for the Bronx Zoo and popular museums except MET will stay open on New Year’s Day.

  • Q. How cold in New York in December?

    A. The usual weather is mild with a hint of winter during the first few days of December. Most of the days are cloudy with afternoon high temperatures mostly staying in the upper 40’s F. It can snow in NY in December but the chances are low. The daily low temperatures rarely fall below 18°F making it the perfect time to explore New York

  • Q. What are the best things to do during Christmas in New York?

    A. You can go for ice skating in Central Park and Bryant Park, enjoy Dyker Heights Christmas Lights, catch a special holiday performance at Lincoln Centre, and explore Christmas Markets like Columbus Circle Holiday Market.

  • Q. What is the best Christmas Market in New York for shopping?

    A. When it comes to holiday shopping in New York, Winter Village at Bryant Park and Union Square Holiday Market tops the list of best shopping experience.

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