Christmas in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma state known for its cowboy culture and working oil wells. The city is known for its vast population along with its neighbouring state Oklahoma, excluding both Colorado and Texas. Oklahoma City has one of the best Christmas Celebrations in U.S. which attracts all sorts of people from different cultures and traditions to come up to this place and enjoy the authenticity with which the festival is celebrated in the Downtown City of Oklahoma. Rich in diversity and culture this place is known to be the top most during its Christmas Celebrations.  

Events celebrated during Christmas in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is surrounded by lights during Christmas Celebrations which starts months before Christmas making the place look beautiful with large Christmas trees placed on the streets of the city so as to welcome the festival with great enthusiasm and joy amongst the people. Hence, here is a list of all the important events that take place during Christmas Celebrations in Oklahoma:

1. Visit Devon Ice Rinks for ice skating

This event takes place in the Myriad Botanical garden where everyone can join them for indoor as well as outdoor celebrations, along with ice skating taking place outdoor at the Downtown. This event is open to public for various activities where then can also throw parties along with daily public skating which is open for seven days in a week making sure that each one who visits this place enjoy it to their fullest. The entry fees for the Davon Ice Rinks varies from 8$ to 13$ wherein the professionals with skates are charged 8$ while the other crowd who do not bring their skates with them are charged 13$. 

2. Enjoy the traditional event at Devon’s Saturday with Santa 

Devon’s Saturday with Santa is a traditional event which is being followed every year on Christmas by the people of Oklahoma which takes place at the Devon’s Energy Centre. The event marks the festival with great enthusiasm amongst the children where they can visit the Santa and other characters, listen stories from them and enjoy various kinds of activities like making art and craft, listening to live music and have a fun and frolic ride in the train. This event starts everyday during the Christmas Celebrations in the city at 10 am till 4 pm where the people can register themselves with booking appointments to meet Santa with the first come first served basis. 

3. Participate in the Sandridge Santa Run 

The event marks as a marathon where thousands of people participate from all around the world prancing themselves on the streets of Oklahoma City during the Sandridge Santa Run which includes a 5 kilometres race, free kid’s dash and one-mile fun filled ride which can be enjoyed by any age group along with various medals and certificates provided to the runners as a token of appreciation. Cash money rewards are also given to the top three position holders. There are no registration fees required for the marathon as it is free of cost wherein people can dress up in different outfits such as Santa, Reinders and other characters.

4. Enjoy Lyric’s a Christmas Carol

This is a spectacular Christmas tradition which is being followed by the people over many years wherein the famous play of Christmas Carol is presented to the viewers in a form of a lyrical play sponsored by Devon’s energy which will make the kids as well as the adults go on a magical journey with various characters of the book from scary ghosts to the past, present and future of the Christmas making everyone laugh and cry at various places of the play. This show is being presented at Lyric’s Plaza Theatre wherein the tickets for the play can be purchased online from their respective website.

5. American Banjo Museum Candy Cane Christmas

This beautiful event is being hosted every year during Christmas at the American Banjo Museum wherein Santa Claus will be stopping by near every person and will bring his banjo making everyone enjoy the stage performance with various plays and dances being presented on the occasion of Christmas and also inviting all the people to sing Christmas Carol along with the Santa with wonderful music to enjoy and cotton candy handed over to each kid entering the museum so that they can have lots of fun and don’t feel bored. Admission to the museum is free of cost which remains open during the entire period of Christmas Celebrations in Oklahoma City from 2 pm till 4 pm.

All these events are celebrated with great pomp and show bringing the joy of Christmas celebrations amongst the youngsters as well as adults making the city dance along with the beats of Santa and his laughter.

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