Christmas in San Francisco

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Jan 08, 2019
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Visit San Francisco in December and you will understand how Christmas plays an essential part in the city's bustling vibes. Christmas in San Francisco has become the most important festival that is celebrated in the city where people from all over the world gather together for the celebrations with great pomp and show. Large Christmas trees in San Francisco are present all around the corners making it look beautiful and attractive during the time of celebrations. 

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Events for Christmas Celebration in San Francisco 

Hundreds of events are celebrated in San Francisco during Christmas and it can be overwhelming to choose the ones you will love. So, here are some of the best Christmas events in San Francisco that you must attend - 

1. Take part during the Tree of Hope Lighting at City Hall

City Hall's Christmas celebrations in San Francisco are known to the best where Donna Sachet, Mayor Ed Lee, AB7’s along with various other artists, local dignitaries and musicians come upon the stage of the hall to light everyone’s life with the beautiful performances which will make the people fall in love with them. Not only this, but the famous Grammy Award Winners for San Francisco Boys Chorus, Veronica Klaus and Tammy Hall, all of them come together to sing and entertain the audience with their melodious voice. The celebrations start from the very first day of Christmas and are presented two hours in the slots of 4-6 and 6-8 with the entry fees being free of cost. 

2. Enjoy the Gingerbread House at the Fairmont San Francisco

The annual tradition of San Francisco can be felt by the people after visiting this place, where the entire Fairmont is covered with a huge Gingerbread house made by the chefs with a dedicated preparation of days and weeks. The Gingerbread house is so vast that even the people visiting it can have a cup of tea there with no problems regarding the space issue. The hotel is also lit up with lights, and a huge Christmas tree in the center of the hall of the hotel making people attracted to stay at this place during Christmas Celebrations. The entry to this place is not free of cost, and hence the people who are visiting it need to pay the entry fees for the same. 

3. Enjoy the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future by watching Christmas Carol

Watch the famous Christmas Carol in San Francisco with delightful music, spooky ghosts, and costumes which will make the people enthralled with the beauty of the playmaking them understand each and every character of the book written by Charles Dickens where the artists play them in a musical manner so that the people do not get bored while watching it. The entry to the play is not free, and people have to spend certain dollars for the same. But, it is worth during Christmas as it tells the audience about the past, present, and future explaining each and every character of the book thoroughly. 

4. Union Street Fantasy of Light Celebrations at Victorian House

To watch the famous Victorian House in San Francisco lit up with lights along with certain shops surrounding it, then don’t miss the union street fantasy event which will make people’s Christmas celebrations amongst the next level where they can watch ponies dressed up like reindeers and Santa sitting on his slate waving everyone across the street so that they can enjoy the entire night by eating at the local restaurants with live entertainment. Various activities for the kids are also being sponsored by various companies such as horse-drawn carriage, bungee jumping and many more so that the kids have great fun during the celebrations. 

5. 12 Nights of Chocolate 

Dandelion Chocolate, one of the most famous in the United States, welcomes everyone across the world to join the chocolate festival conducted by Dandelion Chocolate serving the best chocolates during the celebrations which are engraved in the shapes of Santa, Christmas tree and Reindeer. Special screening of the movies Chocolate Factory and willy Wonka will also be there along with fine dining and ice cream parlors set up at the place so that people can have everything to pamper their taste buds. The fees for the event start from 25$ and lasts till 120$ where the people can also enjoy the liquid chocolate fondue wherein they can dip their candies and fruits of the sticks in the chocolate and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Make sure to enjoy these events during Christmas Celebrations in San Francisco as they are one of the most frequently visited by the people from all across the United States as well as the travellers from around the world. 

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