Christmas in Seattle

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018
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Seattle is a city of United States situated in the Pacific Northwest and surrounded by mountains, forests and water with acres of parkland. This place is Washington’s largest city where the celebrations of Christmas are held with great enthusiasm amongst the people enjoying every bit of the festival, weeks and months before Christmas arrives as they want to light their houses, bring gifts for their kids and their loved enjoy and book various events during the celebrations so that they can make themselves as well as their loved ones happy. People who visit United States during the Christmas week, generally visit Seattle for its lovely and lively celebrations of Christmas. 

Events of Christmas Celebrations in Seattle

Some of the events that people can enjoy during Christmas Celebrations in Seattle are:

1. Wander through the Gingerbread Village

This Gingerbread village is not a small house that the kids make during Christmas Celebrations from Graham Cracker, whereas the houses made under the Gingerbread Village in Sheraton Seattle are the depictions of the Battles of Hoth from the Empire strikes displayed during the Christmas holidays which are the most important holidays of the year. The entire Gingerbread village takes months and weeks to get prepared from a team of renowned chefs working in the hotel with full dedication and contribution so that the people can enjoy every bit of it. The entry fees for the event is free but the people can make donations for various charities that come up to this place in support of diabetic and cancer patients. 

2. Enjoy the Bavaria Sort of Christmas Celebrations 

This event is one of the most enjoyed by the tourists, as the entire German Village is being set up during the celebrations with seasonal lights twinkling on the Christmas trees and snow, sleigh rides and carolling done through the entire town of the Seattle making sure that the people can enjoy the view of the entire city during the time of Christmas with their friends and families. Along with the rides, people are also served with food with the local restaurants opened across the streets serving hot and piping hot dogs along with chilled beers and ice creams. The entry fees for the event is free of cost. 

3. Eat at Seattle’s best food trucks   

Seattle is known for its extraordinary Christmas celebrations where from kids till adults everyone enjoys the street celebrations along with their loved ones. But what if someone wants to try some authentic food of United States at a cheap and affordable price, yes that’s right and for that all the people need to make their way to the Mobile Food Rodeo’s annual Winter Fest and Bazaar where more than 100 food trucks, street food and vendors will be present to give all its customers a complete sense of satisfaction with no entry fees charge. People who want to shop apart from these food trucks can get some money along with them for the same. 

4. Enjoy the Christmas Dinner at the Legendary Dive 

One of the Seattle’s best dive celebrates Christmas with lot of excitement and thrill where the people can enjoy the live streaming of the matches on televisions, enjoy live music by the band with all kinds of variations from jazz to pop and rock along with some hot sea food as well as barbeque where some of them includes prime rib and pumpkin ravioli along with some shakes and beer at the bar making the evening delightful. So, people can come up to this place with their friends and families without having burden of cooking food at home. The prices of the dinner depend upon the kind of food people order as it varies from cheap to expensive. 

5. Experience the Reindeer Festival Swanson

This event takes place on the Christmas Eve in Seattle, which starts from 9:00 am and lasts till 6:00 pm where the people and kids can enjoy the Santa’s Reindeer Dasher and Blitzen and can also have ride on his slate. This event takes place in the Swanson Nursery where the people are taken on a ride with Santa sitting next to them and giving them the entire tour of the city including the streets where the people can wave hands to the public walking on the streets and also enjoy the lightening of the streets. 

The cost of the event varies according the duration of the ride the person wants to take. So, enjoy the stay in Seattle along with certain events that are a must visit during Christmas Celebrations.